How companies are using social media for marketing research

How to do social media for marketing research? In fact this is the first part of a social media marketing strategy.

First, it is important to learn more about your customer and the social media places they are hanging around and why they are there, what they are interested and what they are talking about.

When you have done your previous social media for marketing research right, than you have discovered your different buyer personas and how to get their attention to attract them to your offers.

Now you can digg deeper and discover your competition and what they are doing in social media. You could take a closer look at your competitors and see if they are successful with their marketing. What their customers are saying about them and much more.

You could also focus on trends in your industry. This gives you the opportunity to offer custom tailored products and services to your target audience to server there demand better.

Here are some tips how you can use social media for your research:

Learn more about your target audience on Facebook!

To learn more about your potential marketing on Facebook you can use some FB tools like FB Groups, Pages and FB Ads.

Facebook Groups: In Groups you can get the real time communication of your target audience. You can see which things they are interested in and what the like and do not like. You should become a member of the most groups which are important to reach your audience.

Facebook Pages: The same opportunity here with company pages. Look out for company pages of your competition and “Like” them. So you can observe the discussions on your competitors pages and gain important information on what they are doing and customer satisfaction.

Facebook Ads: With Facebook Ads you can do segmentation for your audience. The segmentation shows you how many people of your target audience are on Facebook. This numbers gives you a more inside look into the marketing potential and possible success of your Facebook marketing.

Learn more about your target audience on LinkedIn!

LinkedIn is great especially for B2B marketing. With its 100+ million users they are not as big as Facebook, but for B2B they are the number one player in the marketing.

You can learn more about your potential marketing success on LinkedIn when you utilize some LinkedIn tools like Groups, Answers and LinkedIn Ads.

LinkedIn Groups: Research for In Groups LinkedIn where your buyer personas could be around. Become a member of these groups and observe the discussions and communication there. Introduce yourself and your business and offer help and assistance. Comment if you have something important to contribute. Groups are great way to get seen from your target audience.

LinkedIn Answers: On LinkedIn you can showcase your knowledge. Research for your industry related keywords and phrases and give advice to the people who have asked. Listen carefully to the questions asked, because this is what your audience is interested in. You can get a lot of information for product and marketing improvement from LinkedIn Answers.

LinkedIn Ads: As Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads give you a more clear picture and numbers about your audience and market potential on LinkedIn. The segmentation LinkedIn shows you how many people of your target audience are registered from how many countries. Equipped with this numbers you can increase your chances on LinkedIn.

Learn more about your target audience on Twitter!

With its 100+ million users Twitter is the biggest micro blogging platform online. Most major businesses utilize Twitter for their customer support and interaction.

With its feature like @Mentions, Retweets, Searches and Lists you are able not only to see what your audience is talking about you, moreover you can set more of your industry related keywords and phrases to see trends and important discussion and also you can observe your competitors through Twitter.

These tips show you how to using social media for marketing research in an easy and smart way.

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