How TO Boost Your Business with Twitter

How TO Boost Your Business with Twitter

attract more customers, FREE Traffic, Get found in social media, social media marketing, social media strategy, twitter for marketingTwitter has grown up as a huge giant in very few years and is believed to have a great marketing and social media for the small as well as large business owners. Twitter has helped very well in increasing the profits and growth of these companies. But there is also a big question in the mind of some business organizations which are new to online business about the usage of twitter for their business.

Can Twitter actually help their business or is it a complete waste of their valuable time? This is the question which was asked from the small as well as some big businesses which have not used Twitter as their Internet marketing strategy. This article specifies the benefits of Twitter for the readers.

Some Latest Twitter Stats

According to the latest stats by twitter they had around 105,779,710 registered users and the list is growing day by day. Also from the stats they gets about 300.000 new sign ups each day and approximately 60% of them are coming from outside the U.S. Twitter receives around 180 million unique visitors per month and there are over 100,000 Twitter applications available on twitter. 37% of the Twitter users use their phone to tweet and 600 million searches are queried per day on twitter.

People singing the praises of Twitter

People here and there on internet are singing the praises of Twitter and as it is also clear from the above stats it deserve it strongly. Twitter has also come up with a strong B2B social media marketing and people are using it as powerful weapon for their internet marketing and web site promotion. Many of the businesses here use it daily to grow their network and customers while knowing them and getting them known about their services and products. This all in return will get them new and potential customers they are looking for and hence boosting up their businesses with these small and magical tweets only.

Tips to Boost up your business with Twitter

One of the important factors which expose and grow your business is to choose a best username which describes your brand and business well. People looking at it will come to know about your nature and the things they will find from you. Next try to gain more and more followers as you can but do not follow everyone who follows you. Your followers are your wealth on Twitter as they are the only ones which will hear about your tweets and what you speak.

Social media has no concept of office hours and is at work round the clock. So, your social media evangelists should be able to connect from home on while on the road. Also try to manage all your tweets you tweet. Tweet messages you actually think are useful to your followers. You should provide the information which is informative and can help to get a better life.

Twitter as a micro blogging platform

Twitter is a micro blogging platform and a constant stream of communication for many. It is also becoming more popular in high societies and celebrities. They all use it to share their messages and also use this platform to grow their business while talking about themselves. Some of the tools that can help you out using Twitter are URL shortners like, picture embedding like twitpic, twitterfeed to tweet automatically when you update your website, CoTweet to schedule tweets and so on.

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