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SHOCKING: How to Destroy your Business Reputation? BUY leads!

buy business leadsToday as I went through LinkedIn a group got my attention. It was the group about Online Lead Generation which I am a member of and where I contribute if there is a topic where I can help?

But today I went through the posts and I thought OMG, they are talking about buying leads. The word “Business Suicide” went through my brain.

Especially one provider caught my attention and I went to look into his background. This provider claimed to „generate thousands of real time leads in just about every vertical”!

Puhh I thought, this is a tough proposition and let’s see what’s behind them! I checked his website and guess what?

  • – An Alexa Rank of only 2,170,186 (means about 5 -10 unique visitors daily)
  • – 13 Google Indexed Pages (lesser pages means, lesser chances to get indexed and found on the search engines)
  • – Only 92 Backlinks (Qualified back links are one of the SEO strategies to get found, the more the better)
  • – No Corporate Blog (content marketing through blogging is the key to get found and to get leads)
  • – No presence in social media: no Facebook Business Page and no Twitter (43 percent of all online consumers are social media fans or followers, if you are not there you are missing them)
  • No Web DNA…. (maybe a ghost 😉 )


I asked him two question, I am curious if I will get any educated answer.

  • Q: How did you establish a business relationship to those leads?
  • Q: Why should those leads do business with the people who buy those leads from you?


Disussion Update

linkedin buy leads discussion

If you like to follow this discussion on LinkedIn, you can find it here.

Why did I done this you might ask?

Simple answer: I was shocked by that proposition made there and more shocked me that businesses believe this kind of fairytales and put their business on risk without to know what they are doing!

To buy leads is a waste of time and money and WILL harm the reputation of your business FOR SURE!

When you buy leads it is the same like you open the yellow pages and start cold calling from A-Z.

The people you reach do not know YOU, they did not requested to be contacted from YOU and they did not explained an interest in YOUR products and services previously!

By buying those leads – their addresses and bother those people you only show one thing, that your business has no USP and your products and services have no value for them.

You ask why?

If it would be the opposite you wouldn’t be dependent on paid leads! Instead of you would generate leads and customers automatically!

Boooom. You don’t like what I say!

So before you think about to pay for addresses, you should ask yourself why do you need to buy them and why do you not generate enough recommendations and leads from your existing customers actually?

To purchase leads is only a drip onto the hot stone. This will not solve your long-term issue and will not bring you closer to your business goals.

The opposite is the fact: The longer you depend on bought leads the more your chances will decrease to gain a competitive advantage!

Believe it or not you will loose business in the long term!

Stop buying leads and start build relationships. Build trust and credibility through content publishing (blogging) and two way conversations in social media. This is where you can generate highly valuable target leads with an PROVEN up to 55% conversion rate.

Start inbound marketing strategy by starting your own corporate blog ASAP!

69% of Businesses Attribute Blogging to Increased Leads [Data]

Inbound marketing is the marketing strategy that focuses on getting found by customers when they research online for products and services your business also has to offer.

With inbound marketing businesses earn their way to the customer, by publishing helpful information on a blog, in social media and forums.

Inbound marketing includes Blogging, Social Media, Lead Conversion, Lead Nurturing and Closed-Loop Analysis.

Inbound marketing can help you to:

  • A. Save up to 62% of your marketing budget.
  • B. Stand out of your competition.
  • C. Generate a massive amount of leads.
  • D. Get up to 55% higher lead conversion rates.
  • E. Increase your customers and sales.


“Get seen and you get visited! “



— How about you? How are your experiences with bought leads?


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