How to find ideas for creative inbound marketing?

When the discussion comes to create remarkable content to attract the target audience to the products of services of a business, than mostly the questions comes up:

How can we be creative and find ideas to produce remarkable, helpful, informative, and share worthy content?

In this article I will show you some great ways to take advantage of your actually existing material.

But first, do not try to copy or to imitate your competition! What you should do is to keep an eye on them to stay up to date what they are doing.

To get great content ieas to produce remarkable, helpful, informative, and share worthy content, simply look into your actually existing material.

Great sources of content ideas are:

•  EMails send / received

•  Forum Messages

•  Videos of Events, Products and HowTos

•  Interviews mit Customers and Employees

•  Company data

•  Cases and experiences

Another great way to find content ideas to spread your creativity are marketing ideas from other industries. These ideas you can adapt to fit into your business.

Allways look what your customers are interested in most. Information which help them make their life easier and solve their problems.

The more remarkable, helpful, informative, and share worthy content you publish online in your blog and as eBooks, whitepapers, reports, presentations, videos, photos, press releases, podcasts and on social media, the more target traffic you will attract to your products and services.

Studies show that companies who blog receives up to 55% more traffic than companies who do not blog. Studies also show, the higher the volume of published blog posts the more the traffic increases.

To reach a usable and steadily increasing amount of traffic through blogging it is necessary to publish 300+ blog posts.

The more creative you are, the better your inbound marketing will work. The more you use your brain the more leads you will generate through the inbound marketing strategy!

It’s simple: Brain vs. Budget. And brain always wins on the long term!

How do you find content ideas to attract your target audience to your products and serivces? Please leave your comments, ideas and suggestions below in the comment field.

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