How to limit your business? Stay in Campaign-Only Mode!

social media spamWhen I go through the online news I am focused on information about social media. Mostly when I see information about social media marketing they are attached to the word “campaign”. 🙁

I wonder because everybody knows that communication in social media can’t be done as a campaign when it should be done successful. It should be authentic and ongoing to bring positive results.

But sadly for some people out there social media is still seen as some kind of marketing message blasting machine and not as a valuable source of connection and communication with recent and future customers.

Old fashioned marketing and PR agencies have jumped on the social media bandwagon and try to replicate their business from yesteryear to social media. This does not work. Why? The answer is very simple: They need to focus on what is important for the target audience and not what’s important for them (to sell more)!

Business which do not move forward, mentally and technologically have their enormous share on this invaluable marketing spam. They still think if they bother their target market long enough with old school marketing blasts than the target audience will buy some day. They also do not care about what their audience thinks what they like or dislike.

To get the attention from their target audience brands have to be interested what their audience is interested in. To learn what this might be needs brands to get connected and to communicate with them in social media “without try to sell anything”.

Do you know the old saying: Listen and learn!?

If brands are not willing to listen in social media their audience will turn to their competition which is willing to listen for sure. When brands are not willing to listen and to learn it simply shows that they do not care about their buyers. And why should their buyers than care to spend their money with them?

Infographic: Small Businesses Using Social Media

Infographic Small Businesses Using Social Media

Recent studies show: People b2c and b2b expect brands to be actively listen and engage in social media, in real-time!

Brands should not trade a campaign against a holistic marketing strategy which also includes an authentic social media real-time communication. The “Campaign-Only Mode”does not work in real-time!

What brands also can do to improve their reputation is to care lesser about what they want and care more about what their buyers want, because this is the crucial point. This works only in real-time!

What do you think, did i miss something?


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