How to measure your ROI of Public Relations

When you are doing social media and public relations you will come to the question how to measure your results, moreover how to identify any ROI of your PR activities?

To track your PR results, your reach and mentions is essential for the improvement of your strategy.

The more information you get the better you can improve and optimize your tasks to increase your results.

There is no exact way to calculate the ROI of social media and PR.

Here are some points you can utilize to come very close to facts and data to calculate your ROI:

Google Alerts: You can track mentions of your company in media. You can set alerts for your brand, your name and your products. Google alerts can immediately inform you as soon your brand, your name and your products is mentioned online. You can also track what your competition is doing this way.

Track Your Press Releases: You can do this very well on Google Search “News”, “Blogs”, “Real-time” and Discussions. Here you can also set Google Alerts.

Your Website’s Sources: When you learn more if your traffic is coming from your press releases and from social media like Facebook and Twitter you get clear info how people find you.

Ask Your Customers How They Found You: A great way to measure your reach is to ask your customers how they found you. You can do this in a very simple way by adding an extra form field to your landing pages.

This above are only some ways to measure and to bring great data together, there is much more. But start with the above and evolve your doings to measure the ROI of your PR.

How do you measure your PR reach? I am looking forward to your comments below.

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