How to publish brand relevant content

If you want to attract your buyer personas to your products and services, than you should write about the things your audience is interested in.

Avoid pitching your products and services. This could make your audience think that you do not care about them and instead of to be helpful you only want to sell them!

Do a little research on twitter and Facebook and see what questions are asked and what problems your audience wants your industry to solve for them.

Take one problem at a time and offer a solution to your buyer personas.

Make your content relevant to your business. Engage your audience to discuss and rate your possible solution or even to offer a better one. Ask your audience about their experiences with your solutions.

Publish content that makes sense to your industry. This helps your brand more recognized.

Publish you content where the discussion is going on and your buyer personas are on the web. This means when you have the opportunity to answer with a video, so do a video with a problem solution. If you need to publish a blog article, do a blog article. If it is necessary to do a press release, do a press release and so on! Always respond to problem in the same channel.

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