How to save 62 percent of your budget with inbound marketing

Get found, Convert, analyzeEvery business wants to succeed. But not every business is doing what it needs to succeed. As for the past years corporate blogging and social media has increasingly earned popularity because auf its successful use, there are still a majority of businesses which still do not engage in these said marketing opportunities.

During the past years inbound marketing, which consists of strategic and buyer persona oriented content creation and content distribution like corporate blogging, engagement in social media, lead generation and lead conversion through lead nurturing and measurement through closed-loop analysis has grown in popularity.

The increase of inbound marketing popularity is no fad but the outcome of  measurable and proven results which studies like the MIT study certifies.

ROI of HubSpot: An MIT & Babson Joint Study


Furthermore it is a proven fact that companies which rely on online lead generation are 25 x more profitable than companies who do not.


Some examples why inbound marketing is so successful:

Content creation

Companies who operate a corporate blog and update it frequently have 55% more website visitors. 57% of companies which operate a corporate blog report to have acquired new customers through their blog.


Social media

67% of B2C and 47% of B2B companies report to have acquired new customers through Facebook. 47% of companies who use Twitter report to have acquired new customer through it.


Lead generation

Inbound marketing has a 62% lower cost per lead than traditional marketing strategies. Inbound marketing way generated leads have an 55% higher lead conversion rate than lead generated through traditional marketing strategies.

As inbound marketing strategy consists of buyer persona oriented content creation, social media engagement, lead generation, lead nurturing and closed-loop analysis; it covers the necessary areas for a successfully operable strategy.


Some suggestions to jumpstart your inbound marketing:

  • 1. Identify your buyer personas. (Download this free buyer persona sheet)
  • 2. Produce remarkable content (blog articles, whitepapers, eBooks, photos, video, press releases and FAQs) for your buyer personas.
  • 3. Distribute your content online through your corporate blog and in social media.
  • 4. The more you publish and share the better. As you increase the amount of pages of your website and blog articles you get increasingly more digital outpost to get found better online.
  • 5. The more articles you publish the more opportunities appear to get Backlinks from other websites and blog who also like your publications and you will be recognizes as a trusted source.
  • 6. Build relevant landing pages and clear call to action to generate leads.
  • 7. Nurture those leads with important information and not with sales pitches.
  • 8. Measure what you do, optimize and repeat.


Infographic: Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing



—What do you think about inbound marketing?


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