How to take advantage of social media as a Small Business

As studies (eMarketer) show the activity in social media through SMBs increases from 2009 to 2011.

The activities in social networking sites and corporate blogging have gained more dynamic in the past years.

As more SMBs are ready to engage, the most do not know how to do it right to gain profits out of their social media work.

To participate in social media as a small business you need to learn more about your buyer personas. You need to learn what they are interested in next to your products or services. What kind of hobbies they have, what kind of other products and services they buy and what products and services their friends and followers from their networks buy.

To know your buyer personas is the most important part of your work. Do this first! Then you will get an Idea where to engage, how to communicate and what to say.

When you have a clear picture about your buyer personas you will become better able to reach them with the kind of message they are mostly interested in.

The easiest way to gain attention from your buyer personas in social media is to publish interesting, helpful, remarkable and share worthy content their where your buyer personas are around in the social networks.

This will gain you trust and pull buyers to your website inbound like a magnet.

How to get more clients and sales with social media marketing

How do you use social media for business and how are your experiences? I am looking forward to your comments below.

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