How to Track and Follow Up on Social Brand Mentions

Social Media brand messageThe value o social media marketing has been discussed and questioned often in the past. This is mostly because to measure social media marketing results have been a though thing.

Customers are discussing companies and even criticizing brands online, whether or not these brands are active in the social space. TNS found in 2011, that 64% of consumers worldwide wrote about brands online and 52% said they did so to criticize a brand.

Still companies lag behind when it comes to track what customers are saying in social media about their brands and following up on that feedback.

In January 2012, a survey made from customer experience management software company Satmetrix where they survey over 1,000 B2B found out that only 27% of B2B companies that both tracked mentions and followed up on them. Compared to B2C companies (53%) both tracked mentions and followed up on them.

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Companies should track what are being said and following up on comments when it is appropriate.

Satmetrix found that the most popular process companies used was having a dedicated team that monitored and responded to customer feedback.

Tracking social media mentions is easy and there are a lot of free and paid tools to do so.


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First you should register with more than one tool. Configure the tool with the necessary keywords, means your brand name, your and the names of your staff, product and services names, your competitor brands, names, products and so on.

As the second step you should take care of not oversee to the messages and alerts which come in. Monitor those alerts and take action if appropriate.

Time after time you will discover which of those tools you are using are the most useful for you and you will focus on them and leave the others behind you.

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