How to transform your offline marketing to online inbound marketing

More and more Marketers which are active in offline marketing start switch their marketing to the web.

To gain profits from the switch from offline to offline you need to set a committed strategy.

This strategy includes a rework of your offline activities to drive your audience online and a website optimization, re design or complete rework to capture your audiences’ attention.

Here are useful tips how you can make it work for your business.

Drive your audience from offline to online

As you use offline marketing material you should aggressively motivate your audience to visit your website. To achieve this you should include your website URL in all of your print material.

This includes your brochures, business cards, flyers, displays and all the stuff you give away for marketing to your audience.

As the technologies evolve, mobile devices are a great way to take your offline marketing online.

To make it easier for your audience to take your online information you should include a QR code in every piece of printed paper. This makes it easy for your potential customer to capture your most important information on the fly, like website URL and slogan, with a smart phone. Later they can come back to explore your website.

To empower this process you can do contests which lead your offline audience online. Contests are a great way to get website traffic.

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Your audience has hit your website the inbound marketing way and what now?

To gain the most out of your offline to online transition you should set effective lead capture landing pages, where they can register to make use of contests, special offers, coupons and other important information.

For this you should maintain an email list and set a lead nurturing process to convert those generated leads during the time to paying customers.
Use your lead nurturing as an information tool, do not tray to send out sales pitches. Your email newsletter is a communication tool and if you use it wisely you can profit greatly from it.

The move traffic from offline to online can increase your website traffic by up to 50%

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How did you done the switch from offline to online with your marketing? I am looking forward to your comment. Please leave your comment below.


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  1. Marketing has really a lot to do with our business and lives. I think at times, some are afraid to do online marketing like I do. It feels a lot of risks may occur from it, anyway~ very well said.

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