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How to use social media feedback to improve customer satisfaction and revenue

Social media is two way communications. When you get the luck that your audience wants to communicate with you, you can expect their feedback.

Do you listen to the feedback you get and how do you follow up with their feedback?

When you miss the chance to follow up and eventually to dig deeper you miss great opportunities to learn more about your customer and the visibility you have with your target audience.

A great way to keep the water cooking is to ask open ended questions.

This keeps the discussion alive and encourages others to do their statement and engage in the conversation.

– You could ask your fans, friends and followers when the first time was they have heard from your products and in which context? This gives you a better picture how they become aware of you.
– You could ask your audience what and how to improve your products. This helps you to improve your products and custom tailor them for your customers.
– You could do a suggestion contest and let your audience rate the best suggestions. This results in a ton of ideas for products and improvement.
– Your audience tells you what and how they want to buy! Listen to them and you will improve your revenue guaranteed!

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How is your reaction when you get feedback? What do you do with your feedback? How do you use it to improve your business?

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