How To Use Twitter for Your Marketing

How To Use Twitter for Your Marketing

attract more customers, FREE Traffic, Get found in social media, social media marketing, social media strategy, twitter for marketingIn social media you have a great opportunity to start a conversation with bloggers and further influencers for your industry. Social media also opens to you a way to connect with your customers and to gain new prospects for your business.

For most business owners the way to social media can become a hard one for the reason of less time during the day. Typically a business owner has less time to write his own blog or answer questions and requests on Facebook or LinkedIn because his business procedures deserve the most of his daily time.

Many existing business blogs out there are not updated frequently and most of them have only one or two posts, which is not very helpful for a holistic social media and inbound marketing strategy.

But when it comes to Twitter these above mentioned obstacles vanish!

Twitter has a limit of only 140 characters for each message, so you don’t need to write large posts. You are forced to leave short comments. You can use Twitter from anywhere you are and also from your mobile device at anytime. No need to setup a schedule to inform your customers and people interested in your business.

Also you are able to set alerts for your industry and to check out trends which could be important for your business as well and keep your customers updated about your blog articles, webinars, specials, promotions and events.

Twitter with his lesser ‘time investment requirements‘ offers you a great way to do your PR, you can get in touch with bloggers and other media to tell your story and keep them updated.

Due to Twitter easiness it is also very less time consuming to follow influential people and to maintain connections as well.

Twitter is a great way to reach your audience and to do marketing and PR even if you don’t have enough time.

In this spirit happy tweeting! 🙂

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