Is there NO Difference between B2B and B2C Communication?

b2b viral marketing,marketing tips for new business,small business b2b marketingOften I get asked how to communicate with B2B or B2C and where the differences are by attracting the right people.

There is a simple answer: There is no difference in communication.

But you should understand your audience and communicate in that way that your communication is worth for them to get noticed.

You should know who you want to attract to your offers. And when you know who your audience, your buyer personas are than you can create interesting and remarkable information for those people.

How to know what your “buyer personas” are interested in? Just ask them what they are interested in. You can do this in social media on Facebook LinkedIn and Twitter. You can also take a closer look to your email archive and the requests there. You should be able to put together an interesting catalogue of topics your “buyer personas” are interested in.

Now you are able to give valuable answers to these questions. An effective way to get the attention of your audience is to write this down as blog articles and to publish this content on the web and in social media. This should attract the right buyer personas to these articles and in the next steps lead them to dedicated landing pages and to your products and services.


Infographic: The Inbound Marketing Multiplier



As you can see there is no difference in the doings to attract the right buyer personas. If you offer something of value you will attract a steady stream of fresh leads. You decide which they should be, B2B or B2C.


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