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Learn – Spy link building from your competitor

Backlinks are important for your business to get better found online.

Search engines rank your site importance depending on the Backlinks which come from other related websites and blogs.

The more Backlinks from related websites you have, the higher the search engines will preferred rate your website or blog. your chances increase to appear on the first page of the search results.

But what if your competitor I rank higher for every search term you also need to rank high as well to get better found, to get more traffic leads and revenue?

There is an easy solution to overcome this issue.

Asses where your “next higher ranked competition” is positioned in the search engines. When I say “next higher ranked competition” than I means the one directly before you.

Do not try to attack the biggest elephant in the jungle with a stone in your hand. Begin with the small one in the jungle, the “next higher ranked competition”.

When you have assessed the Backlinks of your “next higher ranked competition” than you can build a list of activities, websites, blogs, comments and article topics which have lead to his amount of Backlinks.

Now follow the clear footsteps of your “next higher ranked competition” activities and copy his doing. Look out for the next bigger target in the internet jungle when you are done with your first strategic job.

Just repeat this strategy until you achieve your ranking and traffic goals.

But be aware, this strategy is no secret. Others will follow you to outperform you with these tactics. You should include some creativity to build other valuable marketing tactics to set you apart from your following competition.


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One thought on “Learn – Spy link building from your competitor

  1. Thanks for this insightful post.
    I guess backlinks are one of the easy way to build a good PR.
    Well, I am trying to learn more, thanks for this.


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