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Learn from the ‘PEANUTS’ social media expansion approach for your business

Today the Iconix Brand Group, have announced ‘PEANUTS’ launches major digital and social media expansion. They are expanding into mobile gaming, e-books, Facebook and digital apps worldwide.

With his move the Iconix Brand Group want to reach his consumer market where they are around. The offer this kind of freemium games for smart phones and tablets based on the ‘PEANUTS’ characters.

Here the ‘PEANUTS’ show your business how to reach your target audience laser targeted in social media through mobile gaming, e-books, Facebook and digital apps.

The ‘PEANUTS’ have accompanied generation of fans and are famous worldwide. Now you maybe think “my brand is not known worldwide” and maybe this is true but when you do not expand your marketing and communication to social media where your target audience is “worldwide” you will not evolve with your brand recognition in the future.

What Iconix Brand Group is doing here is to be there where there target audience is in social media with the set of digital tools to fit into any taste of possible users out there.

They offer ‘PEANUTS’ related mobile gaming for people who enjoy playing with the ‘PEANUTS’, e-books to read about them, Facebook to connect with likeminded and digital apps to interact!

That’s what they simply do is to engage with their audience and get attention. The mobile market and mobile gaming are growing massively and studies show that users are about three (3) hours active on their favorite social media through mobile devices compared with one (1) hour on their pc.

EBooks are enhanced content and content marketing is a way to reach target audiences the smart way. Furthermore eBooks can become viral by be given way from one to another person. So the brand message is spreading in a powerful way.

Facebook has about 750 million users at the time of this writing this post. Facebook is not anymore a playground of college students only. It has evolved to an effective way for brands to reach and to interact with their target audience.

The possibilities of digital apps are limitless. Facebook apps are an inexpensive and reliable way to get the brand in front of the target audience. They encourage community interaction and can be used to measure the brand impact.

Any business can profit of going piggyback with social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and several other social networks.

Several companies like Goupon have proven that connection to social media directly relates to their business growth.

The content marketing strategy is an emerging and proven one to reach target audience the sustainable way. Good content in form of EBooks, Blog Articles, Pictures, Videos, Infographics, etc. can spread like a wildfire and attract attention for business.

So what can you do to reach your audience more effective on social media?

Do you have any idea? Yes or no? But your customers are telling you daily how to reach them.

Go through your support requests and customer emails and you will discover how you can utilize social media for your business.

Read carefully which kind of problems and obstacles your customers face daily and offer a solution. This can be an eBook, a video series or a Facebook app!

Jumpstart your creativity and you will come up with a great digital tool which solves your target audience’s problems.

Make yourself relevant to your audience!

Gain trust and credibility by just being there where they are and to help when they need you!

Marketing takeaway Tipp: The more of your target audiences problems you solve the more they will talk about you and this will attract more interested prospects to your products and services like a magnet.

Important resource: ‘PEANUTS’ launches major digital and social-media expansion

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