Learn How To Empower Your Inbound Marketing On Twitter

Learn How To Empower Your Inbound Marketing On Twitter

Social Media Communities has influenced business strategies tremendously in recent years. Top social media communities such as Twitter and Facebook have helped marketers to improve their Inbound Marketing strategies. This article provides an insight of Inbound Marketing and how to empower your Inbound Marketing strategies in Twitter.

In recent years, marketers have been using social media marketing sites effectively for marketing their business online. Marketing budgets has increased for social media marketing and this proves the emphasis for business promotion through social media marketing sites. But budgets can only be worth if inbound marketing strategies through social communities like twitter are followed properly.

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Tools to Empower Inbound Marketing in Twitter

Twitter has been one of the top social media communities which has millions of active users all over the world and which has boosted the Inbound Marketing strategies for business. Twitter provides the flexibility to send DM’s, develop Lists and develop marketing strategies for your business. Using Twitter is a great way to market your products online.

There are some good tools which can boost your inbound marketing through twitter. Some of them are given below:


Socialoomph is one of the best twitter marketing tool which helps your business to link with other social media communities. You can send Auto DM’s, send welcome message, organize lists, get keyword alert for tweets etc. through Socialoomph.

You can add later Date/time as you prefer and it will save you in just gluing you with twitter and allows you to do some more important tasks when you are not tweeting. This is not all but this also helps you out in getting email-alerts according to the keywords you registered and also sends a “Thank You” message to the new followers of yours. It also handles multiples accounts you have.


Refollow is a powerful social media marketing tool for twitter which can help you to drill down your niche with specific related searches. You can get all the people list who used your keyword niches in their bio. Such is the power of this tool.


This is a great Inbound marketing tool which helps the big groups and group of friends to share their tweets with other group of friends regarding the projects, web development ideas, blogging, businesses and much more. This tool also helps you out in receiving client-confidential information. Registering is as simple as creating a group name and making its settings private in Twitter.

Manage Flitter:

Manage Flitter is also a powerful inbound marketing tools for twitter which tells the history of the person who is following you. This tool shows the last 5000 people details who follow you and this API limit of twitter. You can get detailed information about the person who is following your business, whether he is responding to tweets, how active he or she is in Twitter etc.


This is a wonderful tool that not only shows you the last 200 tweets made by your followers and followees but it also helps in organizing the replies that were directed to you, the direct messages, search terms and the latest activities and news. These all are displayed into manageable columns.

Twit Cleaner:

Twit cleaner is another powerful tool which cleans up the spam in your twitter box. This is a free service upto 1000 followers and you have to pay amount if you want more clean up for your twitter list.

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