LinkedIn for Inbound Marketing #IMU

LinkedIn for Inbound Marketing #IMU

LinkedIn is one of the top social media communities that is presently having 75 millions users sharing their discussions, thoughts and opinions from various businesses and companies. This article describes how to use LinkedIn as powerful source for your Inbound Marketing strategies.

LinkedIn is social media community which consists of group of professional people who share their discussion online on various aspects of business. Due to advanced trends in business online and major changes in search engine marketing, many businesses started concentrating on these social media communities to grow their business online.

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Some of the top ways to Use Linkedin as powerful marketing strategy for your Inbound Marketing are given below:

Getting started with LinkedIn:

To start your business with LinkedIn, you have to create your LinkedIn username. If you are trying to get recognized online, then the best username can be your name which can help in creating an effective web presence. This also helps you to get easily identified in search engines. If you are using LinkedIn for business, then you can select username which best identifies your website.

Starting Groups in LinkedIn:

Once you are in LinkedIn and invited all your friends and users through your email lists and mail accounts, you are one step ahead in inbound marketing with LinkedIn. The next step is to create a group in LinkedIn which is related to your business. Invite people who are having similar ideas, other businesses to your group. LinkedIn groups are one of the best social media channels for your business online.

Social Media Widgets for LinkedIn:

The next step is to integrate Applications in LinkedIn. Share LinkedIn social media widgets with your blog or website so that people can easily identify you or your business in LinkedIn. They can easily join in your group and get frequent updates from your group.

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For more on LinkedIn and using LinkedIn for your inbound marketing strategies, visit the links given below:

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