Part 1 – Are you LinkedIn With Your Business?

Part 1 – Are you LinkedIn With Your Business?

LinkedIn is free business and social networking site that allows users and companies to create a professional visibility in their relevant fields. It is good to know that all the fortune 500 companies are in LinkedIn. It tells the popularity that this website has in Internet.

LinkedIn is best place for starting a professional network, build a good profile and provide information related to your field. LinkedIn can be utilized as a Inbound marketing strategy for your business online if you follow some guidelines in LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the best place to connect with people whom you have previously worked with, people who are experts in your field and find potential customers online.

In this part of LinkedIn for you business, you will be learning about profile building, networking and Groups in LinkedIn.

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Getting Started with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the best social networking sites that have professionals from all over the world from different networking categories and profiles. LinkedIn allows users to maintain list of their business contacts and friends which are also called connections in terms of LinkedIn. These lists can be very useful in creating lead generation campaigns for your business. To get started in LinkedIn, one should build a profile in LinkedIn.

Building Profile in LinkedIn

To get started with LinkedIn is free and easy. Fill in your first name, last name and email address in the registration form. Complete your registration by confirming your mail in your inbox and you are ready to get started in LinkedIn. Here are some tips to build your profile in LinkedIn.

Complete LinkedIn Profile

If you are individual complete your profile and it should be 100% complete. Profile should be 100% complete as 99% of people recognize you through your profile page and by your picture on your profile page. A complete profile will increase your visibility in LinkedIn and also gives chances for your customers and followers for finding you very easily.

Get Endorsed and Recommended

If you are looking for a professional career in LinkedIn, then get started to connect with your friends, colleagues and professionals whom you have worked previously. Ask them to recommend and endorse you. This gives more chances for you to get recognized online and show your professional capabilities in your field.

Optimize your LinkedIn profile

Next step after creating your LinkedIn profile is to optimize your profile. Optimize your profile URL by giving your name or your company’s name. Add relevant keywords for your profile so that you are recognized for those keywords. If you are filling company’s profile, then make sure that you have relevant keywords for your website products.

Use the custom anchor text links to three websites and for the links use the anchor text links so that your websites are recognized for those keywords. Next step is to build a network.

Building LinkedIn Network

LinkedIn Network is one of the best ways to connect to people with whom you have worked, with professionals in your industry and also for connecting to people who work in your industry. Start with people who you know in LinkedIn. There are also relevant searches available to search by company. With this you can be able to find out previous organizations employees who are already in LinkedIn.

If you don’t find anyone, then invite your contacts to LinkedIn. Update your LinkedIn profile constantly, stay active and you can build your LinkedIn Network automatically.

LinkedIn also gives flexibility to connect to other social media marketing sites like Twitter. Now it is easy to connect your LinkedIn profile with Twitter. Next step is to create your group in LinkedIn.

Building Groups in LinkedIn

LinkedIn Groups play a major role in the success of your business online and also improving brand image of your organization. LinkedIn groups attract more customers for your business and also attracting more leads for your lead generation campaigns. Some of the tips for creating LinkedIn Groups are given below

Magical Group Name

Group Name should depict the keywords which best describes the group. Majority of people in LinkedIn search for groups which has relevant keywords. So your group name should have relevant keywords so that you can attract more customers for your group. Group name should not be company name as many people search only on the basis of keywords and not on the basis of companies.

Group URL

Customize your LinkedIn Group URL so that it specifies the real essence of the group and provides a basic idea of what the group is about.

Group Logo

Your Group should have a well developed Logo which should attract any customer who is interested in joining your group. Logo should not be simple, attractive and provide relevant information related to Group. Once you have developed all this, add your group in the group directory listing so that other readers and users of LinkedIn can identify and join your group easily.

For more on LinkedIn profiles and Groups, visit the links given below:

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