Part 2 – Are You LinkedIn With Your Business?

Part 2 – Are You LinkedIn With Your Business?

There are many Social Media marketing and networking sites in Internet. LinkedIn is the most prominent and business networking sites that has dominated all professional networking sites in Internet.

LinkedIn not only helps you to keep in touch with your colleagues and contacts, it also helps in creating leads for your business online. Using LinkedIn for your lead generation needs some logical thinking and expertise in using LinkedIn.

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LinkedIn for Lead Generation

LinkedIn is one of the best ways to feel your company’s presence online. You can easily have your company listed in Google through LinkedIn.  Some of the best methods for generating Leads with LinkedIn are given below.

Creating Full personally Branded Profile in LinkedIn

Create a full profile in LinkedIn as provided in first part of “Are you LinkedIn with your business”. Create a Group and invite your clients and customers for your group.

Join LinkedIn Groups

Join in LinkedIn groups and start participating in discussions where your customers and clients participate. Provide relevant links for your group and invite them to join your group. This is one way to attract more leads for your business

Post Relevant Content on Groups

Create Group of your own and invite your clients, employees and customers for your group. Post relevant content in your group and invite people to discuss on relevant topics. These topics can be webinars, blog posts, links to articles you have written and events. Be active in your group discussions and never try to dominate in your conversations.

Answer Discussions posted on Groups

Success of generating leads from LinkedIn depends on how actively you participate in discussions. Show your expertise in the field by providing solutions for your customers and client’s queries.

Share your discussions and invite others

Share your discussions in LinkedIn and group information with other social media marketing sites like facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, twitter etc. Engage other readers to actively participate in your groups. This helps in bringing more customers for your products and getting more leads for your lead generation campaigns.

Don’t Spam

Spamming is one of the bad things which will not be appreciated in LinkedIn. Send messages to your clients only if you think it is relevant to the group and depending on the priority of the messages.

Once you have started using these tips for your LinkedIn groups, your business will earn good number of Leads from LinkedIn. The last past of Are you LinkedIn with your business provides information related to tools that can be used to promote LinkedIn for your business.

For more information related to LinkedIn and lead generation visit the links given below:

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