Part 3 – Are you LinkedIn With Your Business?

Part 3 – Are you LinkedIn With Your Business?

LinkedIn is one of the best networking and social Media marketing sites that are available in Internet today. LinkedIn can be used effectively as one of the Internet Marketing strategy for lead generation. In first two parts of “Are you LinkedIn with your business”, you have understood how to get yourself and your company recognized in LinkedIn.

You had an idea of building a strong LinkedIn profile, how to use LinkedIn for lead generation and how to create leads by bringing more customers for your business. In this part you will have an understanding of using some of the best applications for your LinkedIn profile.

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LinkedIn professional network allows being more interactive in your business and to find more customers for your business and attract leads for your lead generation campaigns. Likely, there are many applications that can be installed in your LinkedIn profile that can add elegance for your LinkedIn profile. Some of the top Linked Applications are given below for your reference.

Word Press or Blogger Blog

Now it is easy to synch your WordPress or Blogger Blog with your LinkedIn profile. You also have the option to share three websites with your LinkedIn profile. Share your rss updated of your blog or website through LinkedIn.

Reading List by Amazon

Share your best reading books, books that you have written and what are the best books which you like your readers to read by adding Reading List by Amazon application.

Box Net Files and Huddle Workspaces

It is easy now to compact project collaboration tools that help you to make it easy to work with your colleagues. Now it is easy to manage your Box net files and other important files online

Share your slide share presentations

Share your slide share presentations online with your customers and clients. Show them your expertise by connecting your recent slide share presentations with your LinkedIn profile.

Company Buzz

Company Buzz shows the recent twitter activity of your company. This helps in showing you customers and clients regarding your company’s activities on twitter.

There are other good Applications like Google Presentations, Polls, and MyTravel which add more information for your LinkedIn profile. Start using LinkedIn effectively and build strong leads for your business online.

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For more information related to LinkedIn applications visit the links given below:

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