Show me the money of Social Media

Companies which are interested to engage their audience with the help of social media like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn oft ask where the profit from social media is. How much cash does it bring in?

These are good questions but lead in the wrong direction. Means how much can you sell to them?

Social media like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are communication channels. This means your profit indirect from them.

The best way to profit from social media is to publish interesting and share worthy content. This kind of share worthy content will help your company to build your credibility and trust with your audience and attract them automatically to your products or services.

The social media communication channels are no megaphone for your product pitches. Your target audience could react negative when you pitch them through social media.

Moreover you should work on it to be visible when the moment comes and they are ready to buy products and services your also have to offer.

In the meantime establish yourself as a credible and trusted source and build relationships with your network and a friendly and open company image.

This is where the cash in social meida is in the long term!

Sure you can measure your social media results from the first day you start. You can also generate business leads for your business from the first day you are on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. But the real profit of social media is in the long-term profit for your companies.

How do you attract your audience in social media? Please leave your comments, ideas and suggestions below in the comment field.

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