Social Media can be thread to your reputation

why-reputation-managementCompanies engage increasingly in social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other forums and platforms. They go to step into conversation with their audience to offer better service and support and to strengthen the band between actual and future customers.

Social media is a great way to grow brand awareness for the business and to expand the reach to get more customers. But social media can also be a trap for those who are not familiar with managing their reputation online.

Everything a company is communicating on the web and in social media can travel a far way and have an impact on the reputation of the brand.

On social media people are talking about your last blog article, your service, products, about you and your brand. With or without your involvement.

As content which is published on social media also can be indexed by the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing the chances are great that also the content you have distributed will appear in the search engines search results too.

For you it is important to know where you or your brand name has been mentioned so you can respond. Therefore your best strategy to keep a good reputation is also to be active where your target audience is talking about you. So you can respond professionally and show your opinion.

You should care about your online reputation as the web has a wider reach than small town gossip. Future business and future contacts will be influenced by what the people find about you on the web.

Your behavior on the web and what other say about you will affect your future for sure.

To keep a good reputation you need to take care of the WHAT, WHERE and the HOW.

WHAT do you publish on the web and in social media?

You should avoid do praise your products too much. Do not make the mistake to use social media as a distribution channel and overload your audience with dump sales pitches.

WHERE do you publish your content?

Publish content topics where they belong and where they are appreciated. Therefore you need to listen carefully to your audience and give them the information they demand.

HOW do you communicate?

Always communicate in a professional and friendly way. Try to be helpful and show expertise and avoid sounding like schoolmasterly.

How you present yourself on the web can win you business and respect. To achieve this you should take the time to establish a good digital branding and biography.

Infographic: Reputation Management

reputation management

–How do you protect your reputation on the web? Let me know what you think. I am looking forward to your comment.

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