Social Media increases the pressure for better customer service

If you are active in social media and you only talk about your self and do not listen to your target audience than you are definitely going into the wrong direction!

More and more companies discover social media as a marketing channel.

Social media marketing opportunities are limitless. But when you think the only thing you can do with social media is to blow out your marketing message, than you are missing a great part of the possibilities social media is offering to your business.

Ben Nesvig, marketing manager of Fuzed Marketing said: “Businesses that don’t actively answer support questions via Twitter and Facebook will feel the sting in 2011. Smart companies have already taken advantage of these tools, but look for small businesses to become more involved.”

Customers online in social media communities expect from a business to interact with them and to listen and to respond to them.

With social media companies can offer better service and support. Service and support are the underestimated secret weapons to be a step ahead of your competition.

When businesses interact with their target audience they can learn more about how they think and about their wishes and expectations from a company and their products.


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In deed companies who carefully listen, can build products bespoke to their customers needs and set them self apart from any competition in their whole niche!

A careful interaction builds trust, increases the reputation of a company and increases the revenue and leaves your competition far behind you.

Some resources to help you to become succesful in social media marketing:

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