Social Media Marketing Gurus and Unicorns

If you are a small or medium sized business and you want to take advantage of social media, the chances are great that you get found by self proclaimed social media marketing gurus.

You are interested to grow your business and to get found on the internet and get more leads to increase your customers and revenue.

A great way for you to check if the self proclaimed social media marketing guru, practice what he’s preaching, than you can simply type his name and his domain name into Google and looks what’s coming up.

Moreover there is one important rule first: Stars are made from the audience and not self proclaimed!

But let’s get back to Google’s search results. The more information is associated with the “social media marketing guru”, the better. His site and domain name should have about 500k search results and his name should be mentioned in thousand different sources.

Let the “social media marketing guru” show you his results in social media. The more Facebook Likes he has the better and he should have a minimum of 500 friends, Likes and wall posts and interaction.

About Twitter, he should have a minimum of 4000 followers and hundreds of tweets, if not…

Simply ask the “social media marketing guru” to show you the areas of your interest.

Last but not least, ask for success guarantees. And if you get one, run!

How do you choose social media marketing help for your business? I am looking forward to your comments below!

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