Start your new business cheap with inbound marketing

Most entrepreneurs lack of cash to start a huge online marketing campaign when they are beginning with their business.

Also they are not sure if their business concept will work and are scared of to invest a lot of money in advance with to be sure if they go to make money.

Did you know that you can test the waters with a blog?


A blog can start a business the cheap and affordable way. A blog is your first step to tap into inbound marketing.
A blog is cheap!  You can setup your WordPress blog with Godaddy for under $10 per month.
People buy from people they trust.

Start blogging by showing your experience and your expertise. So you will gain trust with your target audience step by step.

Start your blog first and begin to write and publish remarkable and helpful content about your industry.

Did you know that social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are free?

Get going and create your profiles there. You can connect your blog with all of those social media sites. As you publish an article is will be distributed to all of them,

Enhance your tasks and create profiles in YouTube, Slideshare and Flickr. Upload your videos, documents and photos there.

Brain vs. Budget = Inbound Marketing

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Engage with your audience in social media. Listen, be helpful and answer questions. So you will attract more interested people to your blog.

When you attract more and more visitors to your blog the inbound marketing way, you can use one of the many WordPress plugins to create a shop on your blog.

Now when you write about a topic include a related link to your shop to make it easy for you audience to buy from you.

The strategy above only depends of your diligence. Just do it!

Do you have some more ideas on how to do business when you have a small budget? I’d love to hear from you. Just leave your comments below!


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