Steak holder value and Inbound Marketing a huge revenue potential

If you are a company who is thinking about to do Inbound Marketing than you can become outstanding attractive with the effective use of social media, blogging, publishing and lead generation.

But wait! How about your steak holder value?

If you do not take care about your steak holders, your employees than your success is in danger!

To have satisfied customer’s satisfied employees is a must.

Hire and fire companies do not have satisfied employees, moreover they have scared employees and as a result the customer satisfaction declines.

Declining customer satisfaction results in decreasing revenue and profits. And also results in more pressure on the employees to squeeze out more revenue of the existing customer base, which also results in decreasing customer satisfaction, and so on!

Also some results can be a negative image transfer. Employees could discuss negative corporate behaviour in social media. This could impact human resources and recruiting. Means high potentials will stay far away from this kind of company.

People are connected with each other worldwide and they talk!
Companies which have a negative corporate behaviour “Hire and fire guys” could face lost revenue when other businesses learn about their attitude and simply avoid them as business partners.

Think about it, inbound marketing makes you outstanding, in which direction that’s your choice!

Some facts for your business:


  • Nothing can be hidden today anymore.
  • If you want to get seen in social media and recognized as a trusted source, than be responsible.
  • Negative behaviour will come back to you like a boomerang and hit you straight in your face.
  • Show responsible behaviour like your mother is watching you, probably she is…
  • Be helpful.
  • Be human an authentic.
  • …and some more…

Don’t do inbound marketing if you can’t agree with the above points. Other wise the above mentioned boomerang will find you.


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