Why Social Media only will NOT bring you any profit

social-media-gambleSocial media seems to be the universal treatment for anybody who tries to get ahead of his competition and to increase profits.

I have bad news for you: Social media only will not solve your problem! 🙁

What do you really want to achieve from your Social Media activity?

• Are you looking to increase your sales?

• Do you want to improve the customer service?

• Do you want to decrease marketing budget and increase results in the long term?

• Are you trying to create outposts for your business to get in front of your customers?

• Are you looking to expand your reach and strengthen your brand?

• What’s your motivation and what are your goals to get in to social media?

Here are four things you will need to establish parallel with your social media activities:

As social media is a communication channel you need to establish relationships to people you want to talk to. And this does not happen overnight, even not with six or twelve months. This is a long-term task!

The first thing you need to succeed in social media is PATIENCE!

As relationships are not build in a few days and you will need to be there to get into conversation, this can become a time consuming venture.

The second thing you need to succeed in social media is PERSISTENCE!

As all discussion and all conversation a great, very important and to build strong relationships is a main goal, you still will need to keep in focus the return on investment for your activities? You need to measure your doings and the results!

The third thing you need to succeed in social media are realistic METRICS!

Last but not least, you need to generate leads out of your efforts! As you do social media marketing you will pull a lot of visitors to your website. And here it is where you need to have effective landing pages in place to generate leads!

The forth thing you need to succeed in social media are LANDING PAGES and an EFFECTIVE LEAD NURTURING PROCESS!

Not to mention that you need to offer incredible service to your customers to make them love you, to become evangelists of your brand and to talk to their friends and business partners about how awesome your company is.

You only can achieve this by showing that you respect and care about your customers and give them a good feeling when they do business with you!

samuel colt peace makerThere was a saying from the times of the Wild West: “God has created human but Samuel Colt made them equal! “

You can apply the same to social media for our time!

With this kind of attitude you can outperform any competitor, no matter of his financial and market power!


—How are your experiences with your social media efforts? I am looking forward to your comment!

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3 Easy Tips For B2B Lead Generation With Inbound Marketing

3 Tips For B2B Lead Generation With Inbound Marketing

Social Media Marketing has been successful for business organizations to develop B2C marketing and there are severe concerns regarding its helpfulness for B2B marketing. There were many researches that have been performed in order to verify social media platform for B2B marketing.

This article provides information of how to perform B2B lead generation with inbound marketing.

Watch this presantation: Social Media Marketing Case Study

B2B Lead generation is possible with social media platforms if you follow some simple tips for your business website and Inbound marketing strategies. Some of them are given below:

1. Good Website Design and Lead Capture Pages

There were researches that were happening in order to verify the success ration of social media platforms for B2B marketing. B2C marketing is successfully implemented through social media platforms as customers can get relevant information from their websites. For implementing your inbound marketing successfully, your business should be accompanied with a good website design and good lead capture pages.

2. Site Navigation and Content

Having good website content attracts more readers for your website and eventually helps in increasing sales. A recent research said that people from social media platforms are more interested in blog posts and about page of companies.

So for attracting customers for your business and products, there needs to be good content for your website and also good lead capture pages so that you can retain the customers in your website rather than driving them away from it.

3. SEO and Inbound marketing solutions

SEO and good inbound marketing are also required for bringing massive amount of leads for your website. If you don’t have a proper inbound marketing strategy, it is difficult to convert leads into sales through social media platforms.

B2B marketing is possible through social media with effective marketing strategies. There is maximum scope for companies to attract massive leads through social media platforms.

But these lead generation campaigns are to be accompanied with good lead capture pages, effective marketing strategies and well designed website pages.

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