5 Jobs for Tomorrow’s Marketing Team

marketing employment, marketing predictions, future of marketingIf you want to see the future of marketing, just take a look at recent job postings. Recruiters increasingly request such new generation skills as SEO, analytics, mobile, social media and content in lieu of mass media and direct mail acumen, for example.

At the same time, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects marketing payrolls to swell by at least 13 percent between 2010 and 2020. So what does this shift in desired skills mean for the industry? What new positions to experts expect will be created during that time period? This week, I asked more than 30 marketing and recruiting specialists what they see in the industry’s employment future.

Here are five of the most common new roles they envision.

“The industry needs to emulate, then stimulate, consumers’ nonlinear, multi-screen, in-control purchase behavior,” Protagonist Partner Tom Cotton said.

1. Cotton and others I interviewed see companies recruiting a Marketing Integration Planner in the future, or someone that would identify ways to deliver a single marketing message, campaign or branding effort across multiple digital channels. For example, using a pay-per-click advertising campaign to promote a viral video, or using SEO keyword analysis to help craft a press release.

Marketing consultant Jocelyn Saurini said “people don’t call directly in from an infomercial or click a banner and immediately buy items.” Instead, they search for reviews, interact with brands on social media and pay attention to trending topics in the industry. So marketing teams need to make sure they utilize every channel at once with a unified message.

2. Other experts I interviewed introduced this idea of a Crowdsourcing Specialist. This plays into the idea that companies can no longer dictate their brand identity to the customer. They need someone–in this case the Crowdsourcer–to monitor conversations happening on the Web about the brand and develop messaging that responds to customers’ voiced expectations.

That person would also use the crowd to promote and send out calls to action, such as inviting customers to compete to create the best video about the brand, and perhaps tying the theme to something trending on Twitter.

3. Marketing automation, browser history, on-demand advertising, Google analytics and other data gathering tools have armed marketers with more return on investment resources than ever before. For this reason, companies will look to one expert, a Vice President of Marketing Data Analytics possibly, to decide when, why and how marketing data should be tracked. Their goals would be to improve marketing performance and predictive modeling, and continually refine the company’s definition of the ideal customer.

This information would be shared with brand and campaign strategists who design promotions.

4. Also as a result of new data, companies have increasingly moved their marketing budget strategy from quarterly allotments for print, direct mail and media advertising to constantly-shifting spending from one channel to another. This could develop into a ROI and Marketing Budget Officer position, experts said. This person would constantly track ROI from all promotion channels and adjust spending based on those results.

5. “The idea is to get marketing tactics out there quickly, track results, then continue with ones that work and dump ones that don’t,” says crowdSPRING co-founder Mike Samson. “The idea is to try a bunch of things and learn through constant trial and error.”

6. Finally, content creation is likely one of the fasted growing skills in marketing teams today. Every expert I interviewed mentioned companies wanting to hone their content strategy. Eventually, this might be led by one Content Marketing Manager or Officer that would plan websites, blog, video, infographic, webinars, social media and other content vehicle development. The individual would decide how that content would be promoted and cross-promoted, then track its performance.

Three Ships Media CEO and founder Zach Clayton described it this way: “the people who are able to create a lot of value in the marketing organization of the future think in terms of content, not channels, and in terms of insight, not data.”

Research for this article as provided by softwareadvice.com/crm.

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About the author:

marketing employment, marketing predictions, future of marketingAshley Furness is a Market Analyst for research firm Software Advice. Her professional experience spans journalism, sales, advertising and SEO marketing. She’s a seasoned writer having produced copy for business journals, a sports magazine, daily deals advertising and industry blogs. She can be contacted at Ashleyfurness[@]softwareadvice.com, or by calling 512-582-2314512-582-2314. LinkedInTwitterGoogle +

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4 Powerful Reasons to Start Your Corporate Blog

corporate-bloggingThe Technorati Study: “State of the Blogosphere 2010” shows Corporate blogs have become a powerful business marketing tool for companies.

With the increasing demand of finding new and creative ways to get the attention of future buyers and recent customers, corporate blogs are established as a trust and credibility building way to show expertise and to get in touch with target audience.

Companies like IBM use blogging to get seen online. Every person there who wants to write a blog gets the chance to write about the things they are interested in, not only about IBM related products.

As blogging is a clear way of communication a business should be authentic and communicate in a human way to become successful with their blogging, content and social media marketing.

Businesses that blog expand their blogging engagement with the help of strategic social media engagement to spread their content and to step into a two way conversation with their audience. Studies show that 57% of companies who blog get customers through their blogging effort!

Blogging used with the power of social media sharing brings blog posts to a wide audience. This audience is interested in this kind of content as it is their primary source to research for products and services on the web.

“Reach” is the key factor which decides the success or failure of a corporate blog.

These days buyers’ research proffered on blogs and in social media to find products and services.

4 reasons to start a corporate blog:

  • Blogging companies get up to 55% more Traffic.
  • Blogging companies get up to 97% more Inbound Links.
  • Blogging companies get up to 434% more indexed pages in search engines.
  • Blogging companies get up to 25x times more business leads.


These numbers are good reasons for a business to consider blogging for content marketing!

Blogging is the basic way of content marketing. Which means it is very easy to start with reasonable marketing investment.

There is clear context between the number of published articles, website traffic and generated business leads. The more articles are published the more outposts are there to get found from future customers on the web.

To be successful with corporate blogging, increase reach, web traffic and leads it takes these points:

— Publish high quality articles, which are interesting and share worthy.

— Participate in social media and in top rank forums to gain larger exposure.

— Submit your blogs to blog directories and to top ranked Blog Search Engines.

— Offer free reports to visitors to increase their interest in your website.


Blog Economy

There is no question that businesses who utilize blogging gain a massive competitive advantage against those who do not blog.

 — What do you think? Do you use a corporate blog?

Further important resources:



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3 Things To Consider Before You Blog.

Blogging is very interesting activities. Blogging is an art and blogging can make some one to become famous and even get richer than before. Before start your blogging activities or start your blog there are few things to consider to help you become a successful blogger.


Every bloggers need to divine where he or she want to go. He/she should clearly set what he/she wants with his/her blog. Like if you want to go somewhere, you need to choose your destination. Successful blogger always know his/her destination. Successful blogger s always knows what he/she wants and work hard to achieve the goal.

Setting up your goal is very important before you start to create your blog and work hard to make your blog to become a successful blog. If you know where you destination is, you should know what you need to get there 😉


Blogging means you need to spend your time with your blog and other stuffs every day. Better you start asking your self before you start you blogging journey. Do I have time to blog? This is important because I’ve seen few blogger can’t manage their blog anymore because they are don’t have time anymore. They are busy with other activities, like school, works or anything else.

You will need to spend more time with your blog to promote and share your articles, answer all the comments you receive, reply all the emails, engage with you readers, etc. So it is important to to decide if you want to become a full blogger or just a part time blogger.


At the first time, we all are newbie. No body born as an expert. So with your blog, do you have any experience to share? Are you the expert? People always love to read articles from the expert. You need to share your experience as an expert to you audience. Your article must be an article that people waiting for because you are the man in your field.

But we are not always nee to be an expert. If you like to learn and sharing your experience with your articles; people will come to your blog and mention your name at the blogosphere. The important thing is your articles always have value added whether you are and expert or just a newbie that really want to share a story at the blogosphere.

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About the author:

latief-pakpahan Another blogger



Latief is an Inbound Marketing Certified Professional. He is the owner of the simple blogging tips blog ever and Build Business Blog for SME’S in his country and help them grow their business. Please add Latief as your friend @ Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin or visit his Facebook Fan Page.


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7 Ways how to empower your social networking with blog commenting

When a social media marketing agency thinks of getting awareness through social media channels, it prefers to use Facebook, Twitter and Youtube to reach the people.

But, leaving a comment on a blog is a very effective way to get traffic and you can say that it is very useful for an inbound marketing because a business leads quickly with the help of blog commenting.

Moreover, it tells us how to get customers involved in our business.

http://comluv.com/files/2010/07/blog-commenting-relization.jpg1. Research the blogs that your customers are reading

The first way is to research of which business blog customers are reading.

Suppose you are businessman, you should look for business consulting blogs.

There are so many business blogs that are very famous, so you can comment on those so that you can get more traffic to your business blog as well as company website.

2. Be regular in reading and commenting
Another way is to be regular in reading business or corporate blogs as it is very useful.

We must spend at least one hour in leaving comments on corporate as well as business blogs.

3. Find Relevant bloggers by twitter
The best way to find bloggers is twitter as millions of people are on twtter, so we can get to know about more bloggers so that we can comment on their blogs.

4. Know mentality of the bloggers
As much as we read business or corporate blogs, you get to know the mentality of bloggers so that you can provide the comment according to their mentality.

It will make them paying more attention to our comments.

5. Provide insightful comments
Always leave an insightful comment on a company or business blog and the comment must be informative.

You must leave a comment after reading the post completely so that you can leave a comment on basis of content of a company or business blog and comment must be relevant.

6. Follow up with a question
Another important thing is that we must always ask question to a blogger at the end of comment so that he can pay attention to your comment and your company’s blog.

Follow up with a question means that you read a corporate blog carefully and it is great impression of you for the bloggers whom blogs your read.

7. Leave your url with comment
Whenever you comment on corporate blogs, you must be leave url of your company website or your company blog.

By doing this, you can get more traffic towards your company url that is very useful for your company’s website or blog.

Marketing takeaway Tip: Social networking and blogging goes hand in hand to improve your business online. It is very easy to empower your social networking with blog commenting.

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Setup a corporate blog to get traffic and sales

Setting up a corporate blog to get some traffic and sales can be a good idea to expand your online business.

Today at times when each and every single thing is marketed online and is available for you at online shops, it is very easy to expand your business and to get some sales and profits. But this can be achieved with effective marketing strategies and techniques.

corporate blog Setting up a corporate blog is one such marketing technique which brings you revenue and also generates new business leads.

Corporate blogging needs some tactics and lots of efforts to get started and to get traffic.

You need search engine submission to get some search engine traffic and business leads by which you can actually sustain competition in the market and business.

Traffic which is referred to as a fuel of the blog is necessary to run your blog and business smoothly. The better is your fuel, the better will be your business running online. Or you can say that more targeted you get the traffic, better will be your sales and business leads.

Internet marketing is today very easy and affordable with the help of tools and tactics that you can use free of cost. But what you pay is what you get, so you can get better businesses if you can invest some time and money into it.

Also it is important that you concentrate on some of the brilliant social networking and bookmarking sites that helps your corporate blog to get search engine traffic. These are one of the best ways to market your online business.

These are cost effective and very affordable techniques to drive more business leads for your corporate blog and thus increasing traffic and sales.

Here are some more tips by which you can setup your corporate blog and start getting some traffic and sales.


  • Post valuable content that is interesting and knowledgeable. This should satisfy the needs of people who are in search of answer to the particular query.
  • Be consistent and give time to your corporate blogging. Give your readers some valuable information regularly for which they will be returning back for latest updates and news.
  • Learn some SEO and do link building to promote your corporate blog in web. You can also hire inbound marketing experts for this job that can serve you best for increasing your traffic and sales.
  • Your blog should be designed in such a way that people can easily navigate through your corporate blog.

Marketing take away tip: Corporate blog helps in giving better information about your business latest updates to your network. As searching engines started indexing social media content, submitting your corporate blog to social media helps in driving new business leads and increasing sales.

For more on starting corporate blog and driving traffic and sales, visit the links given below
How to setup a B2B corporate blog
11 tips to get more traffic for your corporate blog
Benefits of corporate blogging


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How to get traffic to your corporate blog

Corporate blogs play a crucial role in the success of business online.

Now all the major companies have corporate blogs for their top management.

Each of the top management staff has individual blogs for larger organizations while some companies have a single corporate blog where all the top management share their expert opinion.

corporate blogCorporate blogs play a major role in attracting new business and thus plays as a major source for creating new business leads.

Corporate blogs are very important for getting reader attraction.

Not only employees of the company go through these corporate blogs to know what the top management is talking about, others who are interested about company like to go through these corporate blogs.

Corporate blogs help a great deal in internet marketing of companies.

Corporate blogs bring huge amount of search engine traffic if you have done search engine submission for your corporate blog. Some simple tips to bring more search engine traffic for your corporate blog are given below:

Well designed subscription form
Your corporate blog should have a well designed subscription form which will help readers to easily fill a form to get news of your latest corporate blog posts.

Subscription forms are best ways to gather business leads for your business online.

Use Ping Tools
Use some top ping tools to ping major websites and directories when your top management post an article in corporate blog. This helps in providing information to millions of readers from top search engines. Some top ping tools like pingo-matic will help in pinging top directories in web.

Publish News letters
News letters are best ways to spread your corporate blog information to entire web. Newsletters help people to know more about your business online. Add a link to your corporate blog in newsletters so that people can get to know about latest news from your corporate blog.

Spread your corporate blog address in social media
Social media marketing is one of the best ways to increase business leads. Spread your corporate blog information in social media which helps in getting quality traffic. As search engines also started indexing social media content, you can get good search engine traffic by spreading your search engine traffic is one of the best ways to generate traffic for your blog.

Not only these, you can provide an rss feed for your corporate blogs so that people can subscribe to your corporate blog rss feeds automatically.

Marketing takeaway Tip: Corporate blogs is one of the best ways to get notified to search engines about your business online. As you add content to your corporate blogs, more is the chances of getting search engine traffic for your business online.

For more on increasing traffic, visit the links given below:
21 tactics to increase traffic
How to get traffic in five easy steps

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Search Engine Optimization Tips to Get more Traffic

Search Engine Optimization Tips to Get more Traffic

inbound marketing agency,social media marketing agency,targeted web traffic,business leads,blog marketing,how to get traffic,blog traffic blog promotionExact worth of search engines is determined by its ability to support its users with relevant supplies of swift results.
The audience always looks for fresh and unique content.
Consequently the site owners recognized the necessity of having their sites highly ranked so as to attain their goal.
Everyone who owes a site wishes to top the search results. This becomes a bit difficult in today’s competitive streams.

Google dominates all the current markets and it holds the top position amongst search engines.

Design your website as per the guidelines of Google

In order to top goggle ranking you need to design your site as goggle promotes. If you want to sustain you should be aware of goggles ranking indices and strategies because only a keen spectator could maintain his presence in worlds most popular search engine.

Update your knowledge about Google ranking strategies

Ensure your knowledge about what goggle looks for ranking a site. Set your focus on that and you can get to the top of goggle.

A search engine service is a customized platform which helps you in your venture. Search engine submission is essential for you to get updated in a refined search engine.

After this initial step many factors come into play, deciding your ranking like:

Structure and content

To improve your sites visibilities design your lay out pleasingly avoiding any confusion. You should be sure about the frequently searched keywords and make your website carry relevant information of the keywords.

Reform your site as a solution to a wide variety of queries.

Certainly this will tend to increase your search engine optimization traffic.

Captivating titles and meta tags will attract hoards of audience. The higher you are accessed the top you will be ranked. An increase in traffic increases your sales and improves your search engine optimization placement.

Search engine optimization linking

Worthy links and inbound sources means a lot to the users. Search engine optimization linking will drive millions to your site thereby enabling you to maintain your web presence and search engine optimization ranking.

Marketing tactics

Clever marketing tactics is inevitable in any business. Hands of a skilled programmer or a designer provide much for you. Similarly genuine search engine placement companies will help you to pull trigger.

Strategies like search engine optimization advertisements, paid placements and paid inclusions could take you to places.

Listing yourself in social communities and blogging are also recommendable ideas.

Try to present quality content

Quality should be your trade mark. Don’t ever forget the fact that a satisfied customer is the best medium to make you immensely popular.

Your ultimate aim should be the satisfaction of the users; this will turn your rank to a consistent one.

Things to avoid

Always avoid loads of pages, irrelevant words, stuffing of key words, hidden texts, sneaky redirects and tricks.

Marketing takeaway tip: Social media marketing and SEO is very important to reach top pages of Google. On following these ideas, hardly anything can prevent you from getting on the top of goggle.

Do you have any tips how to do search engine optimization? What are they and how do you do your search engine optimization?

For more on Search Engine Optimization tips, visit the link given below:

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Empower your Blog Marketing through Social Media to get Traffic

Empower your Blog Marketing through Social Media to get Traffic

Blog MarketingMany factors come onto the stage when you discuss about top placements or high page rank for the website because the search engine optimization determines the hierarchy of your site.

But there is nothing to worry as you can face the competition from other websites and can top the list with little efforts that is by using the proven methods will enable your site with a pool of traffic.

Role of paid placements and contextual advertising

Apart from good keywords and quality contents, paid placements and contextual advertising will enhance your visibility and demand. In order to target your vested interest pursues series of studies.

Possess a keen outlook in your area

Does not fear to stride the off beaten path, your treasure may await you there. You can attract millions if you have a keen outlook and clean display. Sheer dedication is as you know indispensible for the positive impact.

Good idea about search engine optimization techniques and strategies

A skilled businessman soaks the demands of his clients. He is sure about the market and its prospects. Top search engine optimization placement companies offers paid placements, paid inclusion, key word biding and beyond.

If you can exclude the pit falls this will fetch you twice the traffic you had. Search engine optimization had made it much easier.

Search engine optimization cost varies according to the services provided. There are cost effective and integrated placement services.

Continuous activities and alertness in necessary in this field

Excessive care is necessary since it is highly sensitive and your simple carelessness may reduce the visitors. Being consistent and insisting helps you to adapt yourself to this interactive field and lay your foundation.

Make use of Social communities

You can list yourself in social communities and paid advertisements. Blogging is yet another way for sustenance. Advanced search engine optimization packages are available too.

Various methods increase the prominence of your site, biding you top placement and ranking.

Know the pulse of your customer

Realize your consumers needs, be current and tug their heart strings. Try different don’t be vague and outdated. You can stand out by offering something special. That will arrest them moving away from you.

Then what else will stop you from top ranking.

Marketing takeaway tip: Social media marketing is one of the best ways to generate targeted traffic. Don’t fill your website with ads and do remember there are many ways to generate revenue through blog.

The more pages, the more chances to get seen an generate leads.

Do you have any tips how to do blog marketing? What are they and how do you generate traffic to your business blog?

For more on empowering your blog through social media, visit the links given below:

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4 Reasons why Small Business owners should Start a Business Blog

4 Reasons why Small Business owners should Start a Business BlogInternet has been a hub for businesses online. Previously internet and World Wide Web is only used for getting valuable information for readers.

But as the internet advanced, there are hundreds of companies from all parts of the world providing business services and competing for customers online.

Each of them promotes their business through websites or online blog.

Some use business blogs to promote their products online. This article provides information regarding advantages of business blogs for small businesses online.

Advantage of Business blogs for small businesses:

Business online needs quality internet and inbound marketing strategies to get good profits. For developing efficient internet marketing strategies and creating lead generation campaigns needs a lot of budgets.

Especially for small business, marketing strategies should be optimized and bring more leads for their business at lesser budgets.

In recent years, blog advertising has been an efficient way for small businesses online to promote their products. Blogs have been successful in driving traffic from social media communities.

Some of the main reasons why small businesses should have business blog are given below:

1. Business blogs helps you to drive traffic

If you update your business blogs regularly and submit to social media communities, you can get good traffic from social communities. This needs very little budgets for increasing your website popularity and also improving customers for your products.

2. Business blogs helps in improving search engine rankings

Business blogs are one way to improve search engine rankings for your products. If your website has good search engine rankings, your website will be easily available in top pages of search engines.

Business blogs submission of latest content helps in search engines indexing your website very easily and helping you to reach top pages of search engine rankings.

3. Business blogs helps in Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is nothing but getting your website available in top pages of customers. If you have quality content with good SEO for your website, your business will be in top pages of search engines in no time.

4. Business blog development needs less budgets

Business blog development needs no budget for web designers. Once installed, you can update articles in your bog without the need for any designer. More active you are in social media; more is the chance for you to get into top pages of search engines without spending any money for marketing budgets.

Do you have any tips on how about corporate blogging? What are they and how do you use a blog for your business?


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Setting up a Blog and Blog Promotion is Easier than you think

Internet marketing is nothing but developing different marketing strategies to promote your business online. There are different marketing strategies that are been used by companies today.

One recent internet marketing strategy that is very much useful for companies online is blogging. Blogging helps in bringing quality traffic for your business online.

Setting up a online blog is very useful for business. There are many advantages of having a corporate blog for your CEO’s and also business blog to promote your business in social media communities.

Corporate blogs are very easy to deploy with the help of different blog development software’s which are available in Internet today. Blog development software’s helps in very quick installation without the need for a web designer.

You can update your website regularly without the need for waiting for someone to do it for you. Your CEO’s blog can be updated directly by CEO through his mobile. Such is the advanced software that is available in recent years.

This software advancement helped businesses to develop blogs for their web marketing and help them share in social media communities.

Setting up a Blog and Blog Promotion is Easier than you think

There are many ways to promote your blog in social media communities. Some are explained below:

1. Submitting to search engines and blog directorys

First step is submitting your blog to search engines and blog directorys. Once you submit your blog to swhich takes a one-time effort, there is no need to waste time for updating it regularly there.

Submit your sitemap in Google webmaster tools and in yahoo and Bing. They will update the latest articles in your site automatically.

2. Podcasting your blog

Podcasting is adding syndication for your blog. Update your blog so that when a new article is added, it pings all the major ping sites. This helps in improving traffic and also decreasing time spent on them.

3. Automatic submission to social media communities

Social media submission helps in generating quality leads for your lead generation campaigns through social media communities. There are many automatic submission tools that are available that submits your latest articles to social communities.

Do you have any tips on how about corporate blogging? What are they and how do you use a blog for your business?


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