Conversion Case Study: How I Made $7115 From 85 Unique Visitors

using social media for marketing researchOver the years, I’ve created and sold several “how to” information products online, but none have been as successful as The Million Dollar Case Study. Within days of launching the site I made $7115 from the first 85 unique visitors.

Since then, the site has continued to grow steadily. And I’m still amazed at the conversion statistics. Currently, the squeeze page converts at 67% and the video sales letter at 8.2%.

If you’re struggling to convert browsers into buyers, here’s the exact strategy I’m using. It works in any niche, but it’s particularly effective in competitive, popular niches like weight loss, make money online and relationship advice.

First Off, Your Product And Market Are Everything

Without a doubt, the #1 factor in my success so far is the product and market. The reality is, people in the “make money online” niche are ready and willing to spend money on products they like. Case studies are generally popular in most markets, but especially so in the internet marketing sphere.

If you have lots of traffic but very few conversions, I would take a good long look at your niche and product or service. Ask yourself honestly, “Are there enough interested buyers around?”

If you’re not sure, I highly recommend paying a visit to the ClickBank marketplace to find out. Simply find the category you’re involved in and see if there’s lots of products with a decent gravity (more than 20-30). If there are, you’re in a good niche; if not, that’s your basic problem.

Ignore The Crowd

The single most important factor in improving your conversion rate is your sales letter. If it works, you have a license to print money. If not, again, you’re fighting a losing battle.

The good news is, it’s very easy to get a sales letter or video to convert, but the key is to go against the grain. Most internet marketers copy each other and that simply doesn’t work anymore.

This is the simple process I use that works very well:

First off, I interrupt the same old, same old. Most people expect to hear a long boring sales pitch or a hyped up motivational success story. So I do the exact opposite. I get straight to the point and reveal exactly what my product does, and more importantly, who it can help and who it can’t.

I’m honest about my intentions. I have no idea why most marketers “hide” the sale until later in the sales funnel, when all you have to do is let people know that you’re in business to make money. Everyone knows that anyway, and it makes it a lot easier to ask for the sale.

Authority, customer advocacy and hope are my most powerful weapons. I’m not afraid to assert myself as a leader, let people know that I have their best interests at heart (because I actually do) and inspire them to take action.

My product is unique, different and interesting. If you’re just another “me too”, it’s very difficult to stand out in today’s marketplace. That’s why I created a case study; instead of teaching people how to make money online, like most people do, I’m just showing what works.

Finally, I use an ultimatum. This strategy is controversial, but it works. I force people to make a decision by giving them a deadline to buy. If they remain indecisive or on the fence when the time limit expires, I simply take them off my list.

The Real Money Is Made On The Back End

Membership sales have steadily grown since launching The Million Dollar Case Study, and it’s nice to have a regular, passive income, but the real profits come from coaching fees.

The truth is, your front end offer very rarely makes much money, especially if you’re paying for traffic. So the key is to offer a high ticket product or service on the back end to make up the difference.

As long as you’re providing genuine value to your customers, and you’re being open, upfront and honest about your expertise and how you can help them, it’s a fantastic way to earn a living.

One Other Thing – I’m Passionate About My Niche

I’m a firm believer in selling products and services you care about, that you’d personally buy yourself. If you’re not successful online, that’s something you should definitely think about.

In the past I’ve sold products in the weight loss and search engine optimization niches. They sold well, but it was always difficult to motivate myself during the tough times.

Once I started doing what I loved, and selling products and services I believed in, it made my job a lot easier. And besides, your customers can pick up on your enthusiasm, so I believe this is one of the most important factors in determining your conversion rate.

And That’s It

As you can see, it’s not hard. If target the right market and sell what people buy, that’s 90% of the battle. Of course, split testing different elements on your page is important (headline, sub headline, benefits, testimonials, the call to action button and so on), but at the end of the day, if no one wants your products or services, you’re fighting a losing battle.


About the author:

Marcus MacleanMarcus Maclean is the founder & CEO of The Million Dollar Case Study, a live, video case study detailing exactly how he’s building a brand new million dollar membership website from scratch. To watch the case study unfold.

He is also a professional launch jacker. Connect with Marcus Maclean on FacebookLinkedIn and Google Plus.



inbound marketing assessment us How to Drive More Facebook Traffic to Your Website

Bloggers, Stop Thinking… “Just Do It”

blogging-done-rightWe all know that a personal blog and professional blog are inherently different to the core. A professional blog is set up to drive traffic and conversions, but I feel strongly that running a successful corporate blog is less about running a “business” and more about simply grinding out quality content.

I’ve been in online marketing for a little more than a year, and one thing I’ve learned is that the majority of online marketers are “thinkers” and there are very little “doers.” People who will go out of their way to evaluate needs and fill them immediately themselves are doers.

Thinkers can understand needs but they make plans to do them. The inherent problem here, is that not everything is going to run like a well-oiled machine in blogging, so thinkers get caught trying to correct non critical problems when the doers are out engaging.  In this post, I’ll explain how the motto “Just Do It” explains why the doers are successful in the blog world, and the thinkers are left thinking.

Blogging Is Raw, Organic

One of the most appealing aspects of blogging and reading blogs is the fact that it is real. Blogging is inherently a less corporate and more human way to communicate with your audience. Thinking too much about what you are saying strips the human, organic elements that make blog posts engaging. As we all know, successful blogs are shareable and engaging.

De-corporatizing your blog and encouraging informational, fun posts will improve your social influence and will help you build a community faster. Just think about the links you click on Twitter. Chances are you are clicking on “6 Things Bloggers Can Learn From Dr. Seuss” over an article called “6 Tips for New Bloggers.”

Don’t Plan…Write

Thinkers research keywords for titles to rank for and plan out posts based on targets. Doers write about content that is exciting to them. Forcing a blog post based on keyword opportunities and Google Trends is inhibiting your writing. I’m willing to bet 9 times out of 10, a blog post that is written from emotion and necessity will trump engagement over a post that is written from SEO opportunities.

What I’m ultimately trying to say is, blogging is simple. It doesn’t need to be a systematic process of checks and balances to be effective. It simply needs to make a reader want to share it with his/her friends.

Now this doesn’t mean that utilizing blogging “street smarts” won’t help you. Reaching out to contacts to help promote content and going the extra mile, sometimes pays off in big ways. For the most part, however, don’t sweat the small stuff. Keep a consistent tone and write consistent blog posts you take pride in, the readers will follow!


 About the author:

Matt KrautstrunkMatt Krautstrunk is a writer on topics ranging from social media marketing to credit card processing at  You can reach Matt on Twitter @mattkrautstrunk, LinkedIn and Facebook.




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7 Ways how to empower your social networking with blog commenting

When a social media marketing agency thinks of getting awareness through social media channels, it prefers to use Facebook, Twitter and Youtube to reach the people.

But, leaving a comment on a blog is a very effective way to get traffic and you can say that it is very useful for an inbound marketing because a business leads quickly with the help of blog commenting.

Moreover, it tells us how to get customers involved in our business. Research the blogs that your customers are reading

The first way is to research of which business blog customers are reading.

Suppose you are businessman, you should look for business consulting blogs.

There are so many business blogs that are very famous, so you can comment on those so that you can get more traffic to your business blog as well as company website.

2. Be regular in reading and commenting
Another way is to be regular in reading business or corporate blogs as it is very useful.

We must spend at least one hour in leaving comments on corporate as well as business blogs.

3. Find Relevant bloggers by twitter
The best way to find bloggers is twitter as millions of people are on twtter, so we can get to know about more bloggers so that we can comment on their blogs.

4. Know mentality of the bloggers
As much as we read business or corporate blogs, you get to know the mentality of bloggers so that you can provide the comment according to their mentality.

It will make them paying more attention to our comments.

5. Provide insightful comments
Always leave an insightful comment on a company or business blog and the comment must be informative.

You must leave a comment after reading the post completely so that you can leave a comment on basis of content of a company or business blog and comment must be relevant.

6. Follow up with a question
Another important thing is that we must always ask question to a blogger at the end of comment so that he can pay attention to your comment and your company’s blog.

Follow up with a question means that you read a corporate blog carefully and it is great impression of you for the bloggers whom blogs your read.

7. Leave your url with comment
Whenever you comment on corporate blogs, you must be leave url of your company website or your company blog.

By doing this, you can get more traffic towards your company url that is very useful for your company’s website or blog.

Marketing takeaway Tip: Social networking and blogging goes hand in hand to improve your business online. It is very easy to empower your social networking with blog commenting.

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How to get more Visitors to your website

Attracting more visitors to your website helps in increasing your website or blog traffic and also helps in generating quality leads for your internet marketing campaigns.

This article provides information of how to get more visitors to your website online.

inbound marketing agency,social media marketing agency
Getting started online

The first thing that is important in starting your online business is to have a well designed website.

A well developed website helps a lot in planning a efficient Internet marketing strategy online.

Given below are some of the important tips to improve more visitors for your website.

Website should attract visitors
Your business website appearance should be well developed so that visitors can easily navigate through your website pages.

Other advantage is this helps visitors to reach your website and search for related products very easily.

Develop good landing pages
Start a business blog and link to your website. Once you start a business blog, you have chance to write compelling content that can attract more visitors to your blog.

Use this content to attract visitors to your landing pages.

Use latest social media marketing strategies
Use latest social media marketing strategies that can bring huge visitors to your website.

Stay active in social media and update your business details in all these social media sites. This helps in driving more visitors to your website through social media.

Press Releases also helps
Latest marketing strategies such as press releases also helps in driving more traffic for your blog. These press releases keeps your business leads updated about latest developments in your business online.

Marketing takeaway Tip: Driving visitors to your website is easy when you have quality content and good website design. Once you have this first step done, you can drive quality traffic for your website.


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Why to have a great Business Blog design for your Corporate Blog

Why to have a great Business Blog design for your Corporate BlogCorporate blog is essential for your website if you want to get fast online exposure.
It is therefore essential for you to design your corporate blog well so as to attract most customers and business clients.
Having a great business blog design that looks professional is must for you to go professional.
One of the most advantageous parts of using great business blog design for your corporate blog is it attracts more traffic.
You should therefore try to make your blog look casual and at the same time professional because you want your business to get more and more exposure as a professional and not as a beginner.
You should focus on creating a great business blog so that you look as a well established and reputed online corporate blog.
People need to look through very neat and clean picture of a business blog when they are finding some useful stuff on internet. You should therefore focus on designing your business blog so that it looks neat and professional. It should have the ability to serve what your visitors are finding. 
People today like to deal with real people who can effectively help them in growing their business needs and interest, thus your blog design for your corporate blog matters much when you are designing a blog for your business.
Casual and professional looking blog design can also help you in acquiring great relationships with your clients and potential customers. This also helps you in attracting your customers’ attention that result in providing you high revenues.
Your blog design should be such that your customers feel welcomed at your blogs. A compelling and smart web design for your blog develops ongoing relations with your customers which also helps you in communicating with your customers.
One of the most important things you should consider while designing your blog is your target market. You should keep a focus on who are your visitors and what they want. You should properly define their needs and try to serve them better.
As it is now clear that your blog design matters a lot, you should make sure that the person you are working with for your blog design should be a professional and knows all the strategies of making your blog successful.

Do you have any tips about Corporate Blogging? What are they and how do you use Corporate Blogging for your business?

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How Corporate Blogging can help Small Business owners

How Corporate Blogging can help Small Business ownersToday most of the reputable and bigger online business websites rely on corporate blogging to deal with their online customers and clients.
Blogging is not only a great way to market your services and business it is also a great way to expand your business by effectively dealing with your business clients and potential customers.


It is therefore become essential for you to start up a corporate blog for your site if you don’t have yet.

Corporate blogging also allows you to target your audience and helps you increasing your sales by knowing your customers and their needs well. As you can deal with your customers, can interact with them and can effectively communicate with them, you have better opportunities that help you to know what your customers want.

This enables you to serve them better and results in higher sales for your business.

One of the biggest advantages of corporate blogging for small business is that, they can increase their online presence and reputation from it. As blogs index faster in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, than any website you get higher chances to grow fast through the corporate blogging.

Corporate Blogging is especially designed to attract the customers to the main websites where companies sell their products and services. It is a brilliant way to advertise and market their online business.

The most compelling and mind blowing content is effective enough to attract more and more customers and is helpful in getting better rankings in search engines.

Corporate blogging is a fresh idea and unfortunately not many of the businesses are into it. But if you are dealing in some new online business it is a best opportunity for you to start with.

Corporate blogging is in all serves as a great marketing tool for creating perfect online reputation for your business and also helps greatly in customer interactivity.

Today there you find tons of business blogs and to run yours successfully it needs much efforts and patience. Of course you need better content and reputation for your online corporate blogging that is most useful to gain success in your small businesses.

It’s not too late for you. So just start your corporate blogging and see your business growing fast.

Do you have any tips about Corporate Blogging? What are they and how do you use Corporate Blogging for your business?

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5 ToDos to Improve your Blog in Web Search Results

5 ToDos to Improve your Blog in Web Search ResultsImproving your blog in web search results is very essential for you to get success through your blog.
This is the only way by which you can increase your organic traffic which is coming through search engines and can provide you highest conversions and leads for your business growth.
It is therefore very essential for you to focus on these 5 tips by which you can easily improve your blog’s ranking in web search results.
1-   Use article marketing –  Writing compelling and mind blowing articles for your business and marketing them effectively through different mediums can provide you great results by increasing your search engine rankings.
2-   Use social media marketing (SMM) – SMM or social media marketing is today one of the very effective method of improving your blog in web search results. It also increases your online exposure and reputation and makes your business a brand.
3-   Use SEO for your blog – Search engine optimization is a must job for your blog that helps you in improving your blog in web search results. You should focus on using better and effective keywords to target your potential market and customers so as to gain more and more profits.
4-   Try out gaining as many backlinks – Gaining backlinks and building fast and quality backlinks is also one of the most important jobs for you to improve your blog in web search results. Getting backlinks by submitting your site to search engine friendly directories is one of the best methods.
5-   Use search engine marketing (SEM) – Eearch engine marketing is another way to increase your ranking of blog in web search results. You can implement better techniques and strategies for your effective SEM so that you can get best results.
These five tips can help your businesses grow fast.
It will make your business profitable as it was never before. Besides this there are also many of the things that can help you like RSS submissions, pinging your blog, etc. this will make your blog more credible and strong in search engines and you could be getting high profits through it.

Do you have any tips on how to improve search results? What are they and how do you improve search results for your business?

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7 Ways to add Business Blog to Blog Directories

7 Ways to add Business Blog to Blog Directories If you own a business blog and want to get it strong and reputed, you should consider making it indexed fast in search engines by adding it in different blog directories.
In the era of increasing completion of this competitive world it is very essential for you to make your blog stand above from all to get success.
And a blog directory is a great way to it. Here are 7 tips for you to add your business blog to blog directories that makes it effective.

1-   First and the foremost step are to get a list of blog directories where you can submit your business blog and let know your visitors about your blog. You can find this list on Google search while finding for top blog directories.
2-   After getting a huge list from Google you should choose some reputed and best ones for adding your blog. Do not just concentrate on adding to al the directories as it will be waste of time and efforts.
3-   While adding your blog to blog directories you should concentrate on some specific keywords for which you are targeting for. Select your high relevancy keywords and target them to get better results. Add these keywords while submitting your blog to get high traffic and good results.
4-   Also target on adding a strong description about your blog that describes your blog well, it should about 2 -3 sentences and you should avoid any type of promotional material in it.
5-   While submitting to blog directories always take care that you submit your blog to the right category to assure the approval. Submitting your blog to right category will surely add your blog to the directory and you have no risk of getting it disapproved by the administrator.
6-   While submitting your blog you should focus on step by step guide for adding it. And also see the rules and terms for it so that you will have no risk about it in future.
7-   Remember what you pay is what you get. You should therefore besides adding your blog to free blog directories also focus on adding it to some of the best paid directories. It can bring you great results.

Do you have any tips on how to business blogging? What are they and how do you use business blogging for your business?

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3 Tips to Choose Business Blog Software

Business Management is necessary for businesses to promote their business online.

To promote their products online, there needs to be a proper business blog design so that blog can help in promoting inbound marketing and SEO strategies for their business.

3 Tips to Choose Business Blog Software

This article describes information on how to select the right business blog software for your business online.

Choosing right business blog design for your corporate blog

There are many things that are to be taken care while selecting the best blogging platform for your business online. Some of the factors that are to be considered while you start a business blog are given below:

1. Choosing best blogging platform

Once you have chosen a right website name that best suits your products, the next thing that should be taken care of is selecting the right business blog design.

This starts with selecting the best blogging platform. If you see the blogging corporate paradigm, many website owners select wordpress for their corporate blog due to its extensive features and many flexibilities it provide for Analytical and SEO tools.

So it is important to take a right decision before selecting your business blog.

2. Choosing the right template for your business blog

Template helps in attracting more customers and helping visitors to know more about your website or blog. More attractive is your blog template, more chances are for increasing traffic. So select the best template that suits your business products.

Also you should take care of functionality of templates like providing feature products, featured articles, flexibility of templates for showing related articles, showing top posts and comments in your blog etc.

All these play a major role in search engine rankings. And other things to consider is the load time, cost that is to be needed to get the right template.

3. Choosing best SEO and Analytical tools for your business blog

Next important thing to consider for your corporate blog is to select the best SEO and Analytical tools that helps in identifying the major sources of traffic for your Internet marketing and lead generation campaigns.

These SEO and Analytical tools helps in identifying the sources and increases traffic for your business blog.

Do you have any tips on how about corporate blogging? What are they and how do you menage your corporate blogging for your business?


Let me know what you think and comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

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