Inbound marketing or think globally and work locally

Most companies think to get customers from all over the world but miss to focus on their local area, which is much easier than to try to get customers form the other side of the world.

The best and easiest way is to get your Google Places listing first. This is very easy and a great point to start your local marketing! Make your listing in Google Places.

To get found you will need to find the best long tail keywords and to include them into your published content. Research long taile keywords and include them into your content. you build your Facebook fan page yet for your business? And how about LinkedIn, did you made your company profile there as well? A facebook fan page can helpy you to market your business to your local market.

Do you know Groupon? Groupon helps you to market direct to your local market, laser target! With coupons you can attract a lot of new cusomters to your business very effective.

Furthermore, there are local business related directories. Did you check your local directory? Just go to Google and type your city and local directory. Then you get all the directories releted to your city. When people research they go online first and when you are listed in your local directory than you can get found locally!

Did you register your business in Foursquare and Yelp? If not, hurry and register. Be active on Foursquare and you can attract custmomers locally as well.

Twitter, with Twitter you can communicate with your local audience as well. You can promote  new coupons, products and event. Go out and register with Twitter.

How you can see, you have a ton of opportunities to take advantage of to grow your business in the local area before you reach out to the world. Just do your homework and go local first!



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