3 Social Media Marketing Goof-ups You Probably Have Fallen Prey to

b2b social media marketing, best social media marketing, define social media marketing, guide to social media marketing, inbound marketing, learn social media marketingI would be sounding too mainstream when I say social media marketing has transfigured the approach we had towards marketing the products of a brand.

The conventional ways to advertise the offerings of companies had become obsolete, to say the least. We needed a fresh approach that would reboot our stratagem and generate a curiosity and interest among our customers one more time. And this is what social media helped us to achieve, ever so seamlessly.

But with all said and done, there are a number of goof-ups that brands unintentionally fall prey to, which fail to bring in the results. While some page owners complain that their page and the corresponding posts fail to get as many likes and shares as they would want, others have complains of an altogether different, but much too common, nature. They are worried about that fact that even though they get some incredible response from their followers on social media in the form of Likes, Shares, Retweets, etc. they do not see much improvement in the sales.

Simply put, the number of hits on their social media accounts do not translate into buyers, and that is something that bothers them – justifiably so.

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So, how do they go past these barriers, which in the first place, they don’t know the cause for being there? However, when your social media marketing endeavors is not bringing the desirable results for you, or for that matter, failing to make any impact, it is most likely that the problem lies within your strategies around it. Here are the 3 mistakes you might be making:

Being Too Fancy, Too Funny

Let’s say, if you are managing the page of a Cola brand, you have a target audience that mostly consists of youth. So, posting fancy and funny stuff might just do the trick. But when you are managing the Facebook page of a multinational automobile brand, there has to be more sophistication on the page. You can’t post jokes around Rajnikanth or Justin Bieber and expect more people turning up at your counter to buy cars. Posting funny stuff isn’t bad, but you should make it more attuned to the taste of your audience, which aren’t there just to like and share your posts.

They may have joined you on social media to keep themselves updated with the latest offerings and services by you. Make it a point that at least twice in a week you post something that creates a brand recall value.

Not Interacting with the Followers

Wasn’t that the purpose of the whole exercise? To create a platform that helps your customers interact with you in a more amicable environment? So, why are blatantly ignoring their comments when they enquire about certain products? Once you have created a brand page, you need to ensure that you get involved in one to one conversations and reply to each comment that pertains to your services and products. By doing this, you are only making your customers feel more welcomed. Otherwise, you aren’t making full use of the platform.

Doing Excessive Promotion

So, there is another extreme end of the spectrum. At this end, there are page managers who keep bombarding their followers with the strictly product-oriented posts. Agreed, that was the intention, but when every posts of yours is centered on product promotion, and there is no fun at all, the Unlikes will soon start pouring in. So, try to be on a balanced ground.

Drive these 3 mistakes out of your social media marketing stratagem and you just might have the results you are looking for.

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inbound marketing assessment us 5 Critical Steps for Creating a Lead Generation Strategy

5 Most Effective Social Media Tactics

5 Most Effective Social Media Tactics Social media marketing has influenced business online during recent years.
In a recent survey conducted, 72% of the marketing consultants have agreed that they are using social media marketing for their businesses online.
This tells the importance of social media marketing tactics and inbound market solutions for businesses online. This article describes the 5 most successive social media marketing tactics for businesses online.

1. Developing your brand:

Most important thing for any business online is to develop their brand and able to let people know that they are available in social media platforms online and providing quality customer services.
This can be publishing your social media platforms links in your company website and also developing a good relationship with users and customers of your products. Next thing is identifying the right profile name in social media platforms.

2. Customer Engagement and Customer Communications

Customer engagement brings massive amount of popularity for your products.
People tend to spread information about good customer service and also about bad customer service. It depends on your customer support communications that you will be getting massive amount of leads for your lead generation campaigns.

3. Company Blogs play major role in updating content

Search Engines always look for quality content and content that is posted regularly.
It is important for every business to start a business blog so that they can constant update social media platforms with the latest content. This not only helps in bringing massive amount of leads, but also helps in planning good inbound marketing solutions.

4. Networking opportunities

Always create opportunities for users and new customers to provide reviews and comments about your products.
This can be very much helpful in social media platforms where they can easily find your business products and give comments.
Encourage comments in business blogs and respond to them promptly. Networking plays an important role in the social media marketing tactics.
More the networking the more is the amount of quality traffic for your business.

5. Building Links

Social media platforms is all about building relationships and increasing customers for your business.
Not only these, some social media platforms helps in bringing quality back links from similar websites which helps in brining your website in top pages of search engine rankings.
Do you have any tips about Social Media Tactics? What are they and how do use Social Media Tactics for your business?


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28% of Businesses Have NO Social Media Strategy

In recent years there has been a predominant increase in business online due to globalization.
Now there is severe competition in every business niche and strategic inbound marketing solutions are available for businesses to generate massive amount of leads.
For any business to build an optimized web presence in web, there needs to be some social media marketing strategies that are to be planned that generate massive amount of leads.
28% of Businesses Have NO Social Media Strategy This article describes some stunning facts which brings into picture that 28% of businesses online doesn’t have a social media strategy.
Internet business is all about survival of the fittest. There are many marketing strategies such as social media marketing tactics, inbound marketing solutions that needs to be followed to sustain and generate good amount of profits online.

A recent survey was conducted with around 450 marketing and strategic consultants from various companies around the world about their approach to social media.
With the information gathered about how important is social media to their business and marketing online, it is found that around 28% of marketing consultants are not even concentrating on social media marketing.
This means high amount of market is up for grabs for other marketing consultants.

Among the internet marketing consultants who have replied that they are using social media marketing strategy for their business, here are some brief points which state the importance of social media marketing for business.

Key Points in success of Social Media marketing for business

  • Main thing about social media marketing tactics is constant update of original and quality content.
  • Sharing is very much necessary in social media marketing and giving response to your users is very much important.
  • Many are planning to increase their social media marketing budgets as they are now coming to know the advantages of social media marketing and its success in generating massive amount of leads.
  • Some companies which are using social media marketing internally are now planning to use these to expand their business through social media platforms.
Do you have any tips about Social Media Marketing? What are they and how do Social Media Marketing for your business?


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