How to Increase Your Revenue by identifying your target audience

Most marketing budget is wasted because they target all and everybody. Most marketers simply do not take the effort to identify their target audience, their buyer personas.

For example, during the 2008 elections Barack Obama’s’ team has done “Buyer Personas” analysis for each possible target audience of voters. This deeply shows how important it is to know your audience and how to approach them the right way.

To build buyer personas is an easy and quick task. You can achieve this in thirty minutes.

You need to have the important information to put your buyer persona sheets together.

Here is some information you should include in a buyer persona sheet.

1. Age
2. Gender
3. Job Title
4. Their experience
5. Education
6. Location
7. Skills
8. Reputation
9. Are the part or affiliated with any associations
10. Business challenges
11. Business Tasks
12. Communication tendency, what makes them respond.
13. Their hobbies
14. Social Networks and forums they are in
15. Do they publish content online?
16.  Which publications do they read, blogs, magazines, and newspapers?

Give each of your Buyer Personas their own ‘Marketing Name’.

Download your buyer persona template here for free.

When you know your audience – your buyer personas, than you become able to engage them laser targeted. So you get sure that your message has been reached, heard, read and understood from the right people you want to reach by investing marketing dollars!

This will save you a lot of time and cash in the future and help you to increase your revenue!

How do you identify your buyer persons to increase your revenue. I am looking forward to your comments in the comments section below.

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Internet population has crossed 2 billion

The UN’s telecommunication agency released a statement that the number of internet users in the world has now touched the 2 billion mark.

Around 6.8 billion people are on the planet currently. The statement shows that about a third of the world population surfs online. exact figure stands at 2.08 billion at the end of 2010, compared to 1.86 billion a year before.

The Arab region (88 million) achieved the greatest growth and the countries of the former Soviet Union.

Asia and the Pacific are the leaders, with more than 857 million internet users.

When you take a look at this number of more than two billion users online globally; than you do not need to be a genius to understand, to be engaged in Social Media will open you doors to more potential customers for your products and services.

Facebook has crossed the 600 million mark, Twitter has more than 100 million users, LinkedIn has 75+ million and they all are worldwide steadily growing.

You should take action before your competitor does!


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Do you still interrupt and disturb your audience too?

Today I’ve had a chat with a sales person of a company.

This sales person told me that he has not made a sale in the last three months and is scared about keeping his job.

As I knows this sales person I have asked where the problem is, because this sales person is a great seller I was wondering where the problem is? I started asking!

My question: Do you get leads, and if yes how many and how often per week and month?

I got the response that this sales person does not get any leads. I can imagine it could be very hard to get customers without any leads.

The sales person told me that he has to generate his leads by them self. Means cold calling and the whole set of interruption marketing.
I asked further:

Has the company any marketing? The answer was NO!

Ok let’s summarize:

  • No marketing, no responsible person, no strategy!
  • No leads, sales team needs to cold call and to do the whole set of interruption marketing, which could seriously harm the reputation of the company.
  • The closing rate is also very low.
  • This business loses a bunch of revenue each day to smart competitors.

By the way this is an IT company, they are selling technology services.

With this kind of non-strategy it could be very hard for this company to grow and to stand against smart competitors in the long term.

But there is a solution to also help this company the smart way.

Inbound Marketing
Inbound marketing is the marketing strategy that focuses on getting found by customers.

Inbound marketing is related to permission based relationship marketing.

With inbound marketing businesses EARN their way to the customer, by publishing helpful information on a blog, in social media and forums.

Inbound marketing includes Blogging, Social Media, Lead Conversion, Lead Nurturing and Closed-Loop Analysis.

Inbound marketing helps you to:
A. Save up to 60% of your marketing budget.
B. Stand out of your competition.
C. Generate a massive amount of leads.
D. Get up to 55% higher lead conversion rates.
E. Increase your customers and sales.

Marketing Takeaway Tip: Use Inbound marketing before a competitor does. Otherwise the uphill battle could be much more costly and time consuming. If you need help, hire Inbound marketing professionals to get you started.

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Do you know the marketing effectiveness of your website?
How many sales leads does your website generate?
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Is your website a liability or a real estate

Today still most websites receive less or even no traffic. Those websites are not marketing optimized and offer no user experience!

More fatal they don’t offer any kind of valuable and remarkable content. They have no lead generation process implemented.

Content is the key to attract target audience, to generate lead and to convert those lead into revenue!

First thing which you should consider when you plan to setup a marketing optimized website, is not to ask a web designer!

You should talk to a pro, to internet marketing specialists which are qualified to help you.

Internet marketing specialists are able to help you plan your marketing optimized website in a more specific marketing strategy in mind that best converts visitors into leads and leads into customers.

A marketing optimized website, done through internet marketing specialists can become a true magnet for customers and sales.

They help you to establish the whole platform as a smart marketing hub for your business.

Some benefits which a marketing optimized website should offer to you:

  • Should make your Marketing quick!
  • Empowers you to to update your pages as you need.
  • It is made with average, less technical folks in mind and for you simple to use
  • Empowers you to make website changes all by yourself, whenever you need to!
  • Allows you to optimize for search engines, like URL structure, page titles, and headers.
  • It allows you to easily add your own Meta description and Meta tags which increase the likelihood that a page is noticed in search engine results by a human eye and clicked.
  • Is build with a marketing strategy in mind and allows you to do a website redesign or changing your website’s structure yourself.
  • Empowers you to make a new site yourself with a specific marketing strategy in mind that best converts visitors into leads and leads into customers.

A marketing optimized website solution should give you the best tools available to get found and generate leads, to achieve your revenue goals the smart an easy way!

And this is definitely some sizes to big for a simple web designer!


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How many sales leads does your website generate?
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6 Tricks how to increase backlinks and grow your pagerank the smart way

Mostly, all the intrepreneurs who are in the internet  will have their marketing strategy for getting found online with the search engines.

This is almost imperative in order to grow your business. And in that too, one would like to grow search engine rankings so that the chances of their business improve with search engine marketing.

This article provides 6 potential ways to gain significant back links:

#1 Share useful and relevant content that match your keywords

Always feed more and more attractive and valuable contents because content is the key for attracting visitors to your website.

If content satisfies your visitors, then definitely there are chances of getting repetitive visits for your site and also increase traffic. Famous websites providing social interactions to the customers also have huge content in the form of blogs, articles and so on.

#2 Link only to relevant websites

Another important factor is that the contents which you provide must have links to relevant websites.

For this purpose inbound marketing agency should get to work and extend that as much as it can. Inbound marketing experts can help you to gain significant backlinks from relevant sites easily and effectively.

#3 Inviting Guest Writers from similar niche

Inviting other authors who can write contents appropriate to your website will be very much useful for generating search engine traffic.

Others may have ideas which might be valuable for your business. So look for such persons who can write for you in this way. That really gives tremendous response for your articles and also helps in linking with these writers blogs.

#4 Writing Guest Posts in Other Sites

Again, be open to provide links to blog writers so that you can have more content for your visiting.

Be attached to the social media sites too. This task can be allotted to social media marketing agency. So that nothing relevant is missed.

#5 Frequent Press releases helps in link building

Never forget writing and publishing press release.

However, you can find some free examples on the net but one must try something of one’s own that will be the best. One must include everything regarding business like search engine strategies and ensure their submission is aso search engine friendly.

#6 Identify reliable link network for your link building

And the last is that one must build a whole network of the links provided with the content. Internal links must be included also.

Appropriate search engine keywords must be used with these links with the provision of search engine services that will be offered to the visitors and maintain that.

Marketing Takeaway Tip:Above six link building techniques will help you to grow your page rank in a smart way and help you to get into top pages of search engines.

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