Nobody will buy from you. Exempt your Buyer Personas

Companies sell more to individuals and multiple decision makers.

It’s critical to attract all of the people involved in the buying decision.

For example, if you sell products or services to businesses, there are decision makers that have different roles within a company. you sell to consumers, you need to sell to different people in a family a different way. There are children which needs a different approach then their grandparents for example.

They all have different motivation to buy your products or services.

You need to know more about them, before you market to them!

Therefore you need to create Buyer Personas. Buyer Personas are great to build customer profiles.

Find out what motivates your Buyer Personas to buy your products or services.

Create a profile of this Buyer Personas and give it a fictional name.

Fill this profile with age, gender, family, title, company role, interests, skills, goals, and attitude. The more detailed information you fill in the better. Add as many criteria as you can.

Create as many Buyer Persona profiles as you need.

Review these profiles on a regular basis. You need to do this to make sure that your marketing is reaching your buyer persona the right way.

Adjust your Buyer Persona when necessary.

Here are some descriptors you can use to start.


  • Buyer Persona Name:
  • Age:
  • Gender:
  • Family Information:
  • Role in Company:
  • Hobbies:
  • Job Frustrations
  • Other:

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Identify your buyer persona first, and then start marketing

Business online is successful if you follow the basic techniques and use latest marketing strategies.

Basic techniques involve identifying your target market, where exactly you can generate more business leads, how to attract these visitors and generate business leads for your business.

Identify your buyer persona,buyer persona,inbound marketing agency,social media marketing agencyThis article describes a few tips of identifying buyer personal first and use marketing strategies to generate business leads.

The first step in promoting your business online is to identify the buyer personas.

Buyer personas are profiles on the distinct market segments (for example customers, prospects, mainstream media, bloggers) where you plan to reach and influence.

Identify your buyer persona
To have a successful marketing campaign, it’s important to understand the needs, goals, and preferences of each of your buyer personas and develop your content and messaging accordingly.

This helps in attracting your direct audience and makes them feel that your business is very much responsive to their interests.

Some of the ways to attract direct customers are answering their questions, addressing to their concerns and using their language. This helps your business to be more engaged with customers online.

Access primary data of your customers
Another way in identifying target market is to gather the primary data of the current customers. This helps in analyzing which group of people are actually interested in your business online.

This also provides some insights into the requirements of customers from your business thus helping to identify the target groups.

Use Analytical tools to know about your customers
Now there are very good business and analytical tools that help you in identifying the people who visit your website. These tools helps in identifying geographical targets for your business and also helps in developing marketing strategies that can target these geographical regions.

Marketing Takeaway Tip:
It is very much important to know about the buyer persona first for your business online. This helps in decreasing your marketing budgets, use your marketing strategies efficiently. It is advised to hire marketing professionals to help you identify buyer persona and decrease marketing budgets.

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