How to Build a Brand through Inbound Marketing

attract more customers, blogging, facebook social media, Flickr, FREE Traffic, Get found in social media, inbound marketing, internet marketing, lead generation social media, linkedin, social media marketing, social networks, twitter for marketingBusinesses are always interested to increase the reach of their brand to get in front of future customers.

Brand building can be a though thing if not done the right way. To build a brand a huge budget is not necessary but more the right strategy.

The past and the present (still for some) of marketing:

There are a lot of ways to inform future clients of a brand, like advertising, TV and radio spots, newspaper ads, snail mail, pay per click marketing, trade shows, etc. But the hook with most of those marketing ways is they are expensive, mostly not measurable and not long lasting. As soon you stop this paid advertising than your visibility decreases again.

There is a strategy which delivers guaranteed, long lasting and measurable results for a fraction of the costs of old school advertising.

The marketing strategy:

Inbound marketing offers you a smart strategic approach to be and most important to stay steps ahead of your competition.

The inbound marketing strategy focuses on getting found by customers when they research online for products and services your business also has to offer.

With inbound marketing businesses “earn” their way to the customer by publishing helpful information for example on a corporate blog, in social media and forums.

Inbound marketing includes: Content creation like blogging, video, photo, whitepapers, eBooks, podcasts, press releases, comments in social media and other blogs and forums, Social media two way communication, lead generation, lead conversion, lead nurturing and closed-loop analysis.

Summary what you can expect from inbound marketing:

  • A. Save up to 62% of your marketing budget in the long term
  • B. Make you stand out of your competition
  • C. Generate a massive amount of qualified and hot business leads
  • D. Improve your lead conversion rate by up to 55%
  • E. Increase your loyal customers and sales


Brain vs. Budget = Inbound Marketing

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Time frame for inbound marketing brand building?

As every doing in business inbound marketing also depends on what you put in. The more you do the better results you will get and expand your brand reach faster.

To establish a brand takes about 2-3 years, depending on product, service market and customer demand.

But the difference is, with inbound marketing you have an up to 62% lesser cost per lead and an up to 55% higher lead conversion rate. Which is a much lesser marketing investment than old fashioned advertising, and your doings are long lasting.

For example: Created content which you have published stays online as long you want it to be, attracts people which research online for products and services you also have to offer and still delivers qualified visitors to your lead capture – landing pages.

You do tasks like publishing a blog article–– one time and they deliver traffic to your lead capture – landing pages where you convert them to leads and later to paying customers.

By executing a serious inbound marketing strategy for your business you can set you apart from your competition, reach more future customers, improve your brands reach and visibility and become trusted industry source.

How much is inbound marketing?

Again, as every doing in business inbound marketing also depends on what you put in. The more you do the better results you will get, expand your brand reach and get more customers faster.

As inbound marketing is the most powerful marketing strategy in the marketing actually, it is also difficult to execute through its complexity without any professional help.

Moreover about 70% of businesses which try to execute an inbound marketing strategy without professional help fail within the first three months, remain 30% of business fail thereafter.

To start with inbound marketing for your business you should calculate $2,000 – $3,000 per month or maybe more. The size of your inbound marketing investment also depends on your goals and the pace you want to achieve results.

As we discussed brand building earlier you should take into account a minimum time frame of 18 months or more for your brand building, and this also depends on several factors like the market and competitive situation, your products and services only to name some of them.

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How do you protect your Business from Time Thieves?

time thieves in businessWe all know them they request information or better a quote for products and services, you invest time and enthusiasm to help them and they do not come to the point or even to a deal!

When you have this kind of situation than a special sort of criminal is approaching your business, times thieve! 🙂

But don’t panic and remain calm.

Sure he is not a real criminal in the sense of law, but he steals your valuable time, and time is money, so on the end of the day he steals you the opportunity to talk to a really interested future customer, right?

You protect your home from thieves but do you protect your time?

Here are some tips how you can protect your valuable time from time thieves:

  • Ask them to register on a landing page to get more info. So you sort out the most of them and save time on lead qualification.
  • If you need more info and other than you can ask on the landing page, sent them a questionnaire to complete and to return to you. If they do not do it, they are not serious and would never do business with you. You safe your time on evaluating his stuff.
  • When they send you the questionnaire back, but not complete try to get the missing info from them and ask by email. If they are serious, they will reply, if not you safe time again and have not to try to convince them of anything, because they are not serious and will never buy from you.
  • Ok, now all questions are answered from the lead, but the leads brings up new excuse- doubt, when the last was cleared from you through facts, so you get the feeling “time thieve” than he is probably one.
  • At this point the time has come to say him good by. You can say to him “Your ideas are interesting, I will keep them in mind” that is how to end a conversation with a time thief.

Infographic: Lead Generation

busines lead generation infographic

How are your experiences with time thieves? I am looking forward to your comment.

Further valuabel sources:


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Get Up to 40% Revenue Boost through Content Marketing

social-media-content-strategyStrategic content marketing has proven as one of the best ways to create brand awareness. Content marketing has proven to be the best and most cost effective way to drive traffic to a company website and convert this traffic to leads and customers.

Companies utilizing content marketing strategy report n up to 2,000% lift in blog traffic and 40% boost in revenue.

The most popular ways of content marketing are blogging, social media and video.

Publish buyer persona oriented remarkable content. This can be achieved with a corporate blog very quick.

Here are some facts about the power of blogging:

  • 1. Blogging companies get up to 55% more Traffic
  • 2. Blogging companies get up to 97% more Inbound Links
  • 3. Blogging companies get up to 434% more indexed pages in search engines
  • 4. Blogging companies get up to 25x times more business leads


In the next stages you should craft buyer persona oriented…

  • Press releases
  • Pictures
  • Whitepapers
  • EBooks
  • Video


These pieces of content you can distribute on sites like,,, and

Infographic: The Rise Of Content Marketing


Case Study: Overall Content Marketing Strategy Leads to 2,000% Lift in Blog Traffic, 40% Boost in Revenue

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Inbound Marketing with or without marketing strategy to reach business leads goals

A strategy is a great way to have some kind of roadmap which can guide you through the opportunities and pitfalls of internet marketing.

To achieve your marketing and revenue goals you need to know which way to go and what exactly to do when you establish an internet marketing strategy.

In today times when things are changing in real-time, even not over night anymore you also should keep a certain level of flexibility to adjust your marketing tasks and correct your course if necessary to reach your internet marketing and revenue generation goals.

As social media and content creation are important parts of inbound marketing you need to keep the flexibility to react on your customers demand. To simply stay on a previous decided way without taking into account that things can change or have changed could lead your marketing efforts in the wrong direction!

How to have a flexible strategy?

Set an editorial Kalender, where you write your content ideas down, where you plan your events and press release distribution. But do not obsess about it.

As content creation is the backbone of inbound marketing you maybe should establish your marketing as some kind of content marketing! Why content marketing?

Go through your social media channels and listen to the conversation. Listen what kind of questions your audience have and what kind of problems they are looking to get solved. Here you will get your content inspiration in real-time. When you carefully listen you can be helpful and contribute in real-time to your audience and make them aware of you.

Also you can use this Q&A as resources to write a blog post, eBook, whitepaper or a simple how-to, to solve the problems of your audience in real-time!

When you produce interesting, helpful and remarkable content you should market this content through appropriate social media channels to get it noticed by your audience, in real-time.

Marketing takeaway tip: Solve the problems that bother your audience in real-time as they appear. This will set you apart from your competition, make you outstanding and will attract more curious potential new clients to your offers.

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Inbound Marketing, the science of showing respect to get more revenue in exchange

When you want to grow your business you need to treat your audience with a certain level of respect. You need to show them that you care about them and not only about their cash they maybe could spent with your business.

Engage with your actual customers and potential new customers and listen to them and their suggestions and complaints or questions.

You need to treat your customers like they are your air to breath, but when it comes to your business and your revenue they are for sure!

To know what you customers are saying about you, you should monitor social media and blogs and respond to their comments in a professional, kind and problem solving manor!

You can set alerts with Google Alerts and stay informed as soon your search terms are mentioned anywhere on the web. This helps you to monitor social media the smart way without obsession.

When customers discuss about you anywhere, in social media, blogs, forums and other sites you need to respond quickly and to follow up with their comments. Ensure that their questions are answered and their problems are solved.

Credibility can be earned only. It can be gained by the way what you are doing and how you do it and the level of excellence you give to your audience to let them know that you care about them!

Utilize the science of inbound marketing and get back trust, credibility and more revenue in exchange.

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Inbound Marketing the hard or the right way, it’s your choice!

I often hear, how much time does it take me to do inbound marketing the right way to gain results for my business?

My answer is this depends on you and how interested you are to work smarter not harder.

As you can imagine it is not an easy task to manage all the inbound marketing activities which include:

•  SEO

•  Blogging

•  Social Media

•  Landing Pages

•  Lead Generation

•  Analytics

…with different tools!

For a business it can become overwhelming to do so and to control all those tasks as well. But to do exactly this is essential for your inbound marketing success and to increase your revenue!

So why not do all of these tasks the smart way instead of the hard way?

Technology is there to help you to achieve your revenue goals, and there is technology which can tremendously improve your results and save you a lot of time and a truckload of money by increasing your revenue at the same time.

We have put together a report to show you how such a technology can help your business.

get found and get leads

To get found and get leads the smart way download this free report here!

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What kind of content to produce to get found on Google

It’s no secret that the key to SEO success is quality content. A further important point of content creation is quantity.

Studies show that companies with 500+ blog articles get far more search engine attention and traffic than others with lesser articles and who even do not blog.

The more articles – content you have the more attention you will gain and also get more inbound links.

Companies that blog get up to 97% more inbound links! Inbound links are trustworthy online recommendation and can bring a lot of addition traffic to a business website.

Inbound links heve become some kind of new currency online, and the more relevant Backlinks you have the better are your chances to get found in the next search query on Google and your website could appear in the TOP search results!

Companies that blog get up to 57% more traffic to their websites. This sort of traffic is highly targeted and long living and brings quality leads in!

Write a large amount of original, interesting, helpful and remarkable content.

Now when you have done content you should promote this content and offer to your audience the opportunity to share your content on your blog.

How you can see, the most blogs have sharing buttons in place to make it easier for their audience to share the content with their friends, followers and colleagues.

Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing are indexing social media conversation like tweets, Facebook Likes, LinkedIn shares and so on! These actions are an indicator for them to learn about the content quality of your website. Also this conversation can appear in the next search query when somebody is looking for such keywords on Google, Yahoo or Bing and bring up your website on the TOP search engine search results!

How to get more clients and sales with social media marketing

If you want to increase your traffic and business lead, then you need to produce a massive amount of share worthy content which helps you to get found on Google and offers your audience to share your stuff to their network of friends, followers and business partners!

What are your experiences with conten creation and blogging? I am looking forward to your comments below.

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How to choose your internet marketing consultants wisely

Internet Marketing is a powerful way to generate new customers and increase business performance online.

There are many ways to generate leads for your business online and bring new customers in.

In order to generate new leads for your business, it is very important that you hire an internet marketing expert that can increase your business leads and also increase your online visibility, leads and profits for your business.

There are a lot of internet marketing consultants in web and this article provides some of the important points that you should consider when hiring an internet marketing consultant.

Points to be considered while choosing Internet Marketing consultants


It is very important to know about the experience any Internet marketing company or consultant has before recruiting him for your business. Learn about how they have been successful for other businesses and how they can help your business improvement.


Many people ought to hire internet marketing consultants that are local. But as now internet is global, try to innovate by hiring some of the best Internet marketing consultants all over the world. With web, now it is very easy to share your business with experts.


There are different packages provided by Internet marketing consultants. Learn about their packages, what is the best internet marketing consultant package that is suitable for business.

How they are going to help you:

This is one of the important point that needs to be considered while hiring. There are many ways of promoting your business online through Internet Advertising and web marketing. Ask about the latest Internet marketing strategies that they will be using to improve your business.


Some Internet marketing consultants provide you with a free trial or one or two weeks of appointments. If you are not sure whom to opt for, select a Internet marketing consultant whom you think can satisfy your business needs and who will be available all time depending upon your business needs.

Once you hire your required Internet marketing consultant, your business would grow more prominently and also generate more revenue in long term.

Marketing takeaway Tip: Internet marketing consultants can help you to identify your business market and use prominent marketing strategies to generate new customers. Let them show you if they practice what they preach.

Related Links:


What are your experiences with marketing consultants? I am looking forward to your comments below.

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Small Businesses Victimized by ‘Complaint Removal’ Scam

Not long ago, it was rare for a retail or service business to be publicly criticized. If businesses appeared in the news at all, it was usually because they had applied for zoning variances, sponsored a softball team or opened a new outlet. the Internet came along and consumers were suddenly free to share their opinions about the service they had received from their auto mechanic, the quality of their new flat-screen TV or the trustworthiness of their lawn service.

In the early days of the Internet, companies thought they could sue consumers into silence by filing lawsuits against sites like ours. This not only doesn’t work, it produces even more bad press when, invariably, consumers’ right to free expression is upheld in court. More recently, small businesses have been falling for pitches like that from Done! SEO, a search engine optimization company that claims it can make consumer complaints disappear from sites like

Retailers and service providers sometimes pay thousands of dollars a month for these “removal” services before they realize their money has been wasted.

Despite what some SEO firms claim, they are not able to somehow obliterate complaint pages on our site. They can generate tens of thousands of pages of fraudulent content claiming to be from real consumers but this is a) illegal and subject to civil and criminal prosecution and b) ineffective, as all of the major search engines are quick to detect attempts to spam their results with bogus postings.

Taking all of this into account, has recently instituted new programs that make it easier for companies to engage constructively with their customers.

Specifically, our “Accedited Business” program requires local retailers and service providers to subscribe to a Code of Good Practices and to respond promptly and proactively to customer complaints. And, our “Reputation Management” program for larger businesses establishes a direct, public communications channel that facilitates fast, efficient exchanges with aggrieved customers.

Our founder and editor likes to say that “a good reputation can’t be bought, but it can be earned. Can’t say it much better than that.

How are your experiences with SEO scam? I am looking forward to your comments below!

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About the author:

Consumer Affairs Ryan Eslicker is head the Consumer Affairs small business outreach department. Ryan interacts with consumers and small businesses to understand obstacles they currently face. He generates and manages content that educates all of our consumers about these complaints. Ryan has an Undergraduate degree from Oklahoma State University in Finance Masters in Business Administration from University of Tulsa. He also has experience in managing and marketing websites.



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Four steps how to avoid work overload with your Inbound Marketing

When you are doing internet marketing through corporate blogging, pay per click marketing and social media marketing to attract your target audience to your business, than it can become overwhelming to do all of the information and tasks necessary to stay on track.

Like any other business person you have to focus on your daily business tasks, simply to do business and revenue!

To get seen from your buyer personas it is important to be where they are and to get in touch and to interact with them.

The process of identifying your buyer persona is critical for your business. Moreover a good fundamental analysis of your buyer personas will save you a lot of time and money in the future and increase your revenue!

How to get more clients and sales with social media marketing

First step

Focus on find out what your buyer personas are. Find out what your customers have in common, how they found your offer on the internet and why they buy your products and services. Digg deeper and try to find out what kind of interest they have next to your products and services. For example find out what kind of hobby they have and on which social networks, groups and forums they are mostly around on the internet.

Draw a buyer persona sheet for every buyer persona you discover and complete and update the sheet constantly. So you always are on track with your potential customers.

Second step

Visit the social networks, groups and forums and listen first and contribute second there. Be helpful with your comments and ask educated questions to drive attention to you. Publish helpful articles there to drive more attention to you. Invite those members who interact with you and invite their friends from the social networks, groups and forums as well. So you will grow your network step by step.

Third step

Produce remarkable and helpful content. Test the content to see which topics work and focus on them. Produce and offer special content to be downloaded from your website only. Set landing pages and generate leads. As you generate leads you should produce further content to include this into your email messages for lead nurturing. Keep in mind to not to do sales pitches in your content and lead nurturing as well. Be informative and helpful. This will increase your reputation and trust.

Fourth step

Measure which articles and topics bring you the most response in traffic, leads and revenue and focus on them. So you make your doings much smarter and you save a lot of time.

You should take one hour each day for each task. This offers you the opportunity to do five tasks a week and plan your time much better.


Focus on blogging. Companies that blog get up 57% more traffic to their website than companies which do not blog. Therefore I suggest that you save three hours per week for content creation. Remain two hours you can use to spread your content in your communication channels like social networks, groups and forums and to do conversation with your network.

How do you organize your inbound marketing and what are your results? I am looking forward to your comments below!

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How to Get Over “Bloggers’ Block”

Rather than being an unfortunate illness that befalls those who share their thoughts online, “Bloggers Block” is the blogging version of writer’s block, and it happens to us all.

Whether you write a blog for a business, a hobby or just for recreation, chances are that you will have had that moment when you pull up the chair to the computer and end up just staring at a blank screen for hours on end.

When you’re paid to blog for a business and the traffic your blog brings is vital for bringing in leads, blaming writer’s block may not be met with a great deal of enthusiasm from those above, so what should you do if you find yourself struck with a writer’s worst nightmare?

Calm Down!

One of the worst things you can do when you are struggling for inspiration is get yourself worked up. It can be immensely frustrating when you are struggling for words and it is only made worse when you can feel the boss’s eyes burrowing in to the back of your head.

If at the start of the day the words just aren’t flowing, take a walk around the office, go on a coffee run or just go for some air for five minutes. You will often find that your inspiration is more likely to come when you aren’t trying to force it.

No joy? Then try…

Reading the News

News is everywhere. It is available 24 hours a day and you can find out what’s going on in every corner of the planet. If your brain isn’t giving you the answers you are looking for then the news websites might!

Somewhere, something will being going on that you can relate back to your business or interest. Whether it’s economic news, industry gossip or just something that you can draw parallels to in your arena, it is all fair game for blogging on.

By flicking through some of my own old blogs you will see posts that centre around football, the economy and any number of seemingly unrelated news stories that my inspiration starved brain has managed to make relevant, so if you’re still finding things tough, hit the various news websites and try your luck there. Make it good enough and you can even reshape it into a press release, giving your blog/company’s view on the news stories of the day. It might just give you some visibility and a few extra juicy links.

Ok Alan, it’s now half past 12, I’ve been staring at the screen for 3 and a half hours and my boss’s looks are turning into glares! The walk didn’t help and I spent an hour reading about celebrities on the news websites, now what?!

If all else fails, you can always try….

Write About Your Writer’s Block!

I know, it sounds a bit lame but it can really help to get the juices flowing. If all that is going through your mind is how you can’t think of anything to write, then write about it! It might turn into something that you can host on your blog or it could start the processes working in your mind so that you can come up with something better. Either way, it is a great way of jump starting your brain, and more importantly letting your boss see that you are doing some work!

So what can you take away from this blog? Well the key things to remember are;

Don’t PanicPressure is the writer’s worst enemy so if you feel yourself getting tense, do something to relieve the tension.

Seek Inspiration Elsewhere You are only an internet connection away from a whole world of inspiration, just make sure it doesn’t turn in to another distraction!

Write About Your Writer’s Block – It’s happening, it’s all you can think about and it is taking over your day, so just write about the thoughts that are going through your head! It might not be something you can end up using but it could be just what you need to get the creative juices flowing. Do it well enough and you could even end up using it as a guest blog….

There’s plenty you can do to break the curse of bloggers block, so don’t let it ruin your day and see how many different ways there are to find a little creative inspiration.

How do you get over boggers’ block? I am looking forward to your comments below!

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About the author:

 How Can the Social Revolution Help the B2B Search Marketer?Alan Grainger is an in-house B2B web marketer and manages the SEO for The Corporate Gifts Company, a leading UK specialist in the business gifts sector. He writes articles exploring the issues faced by the B2B web marketer, giving an “in the trenches” view from an in-house SEO department.



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When do you start your lead generation with inbound marketing?

Leads are very important for businesses to get new customers. But before you can get leads´ you need to get found.

78% of Internet users B2B and B2C conduct product research online.

How often do you think: “If I could be on the first page on Google, than I would get more traffic and leads.” And you are right!

To be on the first search results on Google would bring you traffic and leads. That’s a fact!

There is an easy way to get there, on the first search results on Google. You simply need to get an increasing amount of relevant Backlinks.

The easiest way to get a ton of Backlinks is to publish link worthy content online. Content where others websites and blogs want to link back. Because they like this content and think it is helpful for their audience.

With Inbound marketing you can achieve those goals to get found and to get leads to increase your business.

Inbound marketing is the marketing strategy that focuses on getting found by customers when they research online for products and services your business also has to offer.

With inbound marketing businesses earn their way to the customer, by publishing helpful information on a blog, in social media and forums.

Inbound marketing includes Blogging, Social Media, Lead Conversion, Lead Nurturing and Closed-Loop Analysis.


57% of businesses have acquired a customer through their company blog. Companies which blog get up to 97% more Inbound Links and 434% more indexed pages than companies who do not blog. The more articles you write the better.

Setup a corporate bog and start to create remarkable content with your blog! Go out and research relevant blogs where you can leave an educated comment. So you build additional Backlinks.

Social Media

67% of B2B companies and 41% of B2C companies have acquired a customer through Facebook. The number of marketers who say Facebook is “critical” or “important” to their business has increased 83% in just 2 years.

Register and complete your social media accounts and profiles in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and start to market your blog articles there. Grow your network and be a part of group discussions.

Lead Conversion / Lead Nurturing

Build landing pages to convert those generated traffic from social media and search engines with compelling offers and a clear call to action. Offer something of value in exchange for your leads email address and further information. Keep your forms short.

Start a lead nurturing process where you inform and educate your lead, don’t pitch them!

How do you do your lead generation? I am looking forward to your comments below!

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How marketing consultants can help you increase web traffic

Marketing consultants play a crucial role in analyzing your business, identified new sources of traffic and decreasing your marketing costs.

Not only marketing budgets, they help in finding new customers for your business and also increasing targeted web traffic.

Marketing Consultants show their expertise in implementing various strategies like advertising, email marketing, social media marketing and search engine optimization. analyze your business by tracking visitors, using latest blog tools, providing the list of targeted customers for your products, finding new customers etc. This article brings you the advantages in taking advice from an expert marketing consultant.

Advantages of hiring an expert marketing consultant
Marketing consultants are people who have rich experience in various niches and have idea of latest marketing strategies online.

Some of the advantages of hiring an expert marketing consultant are given below:

Marketing Consultants are experts
Getting an expert advice is always beneficial especially when you are not aware of how exactly you can optimize your marketing strategies and increase targeted web traffic. As marketing consultants have relevant expertise, they provide you with an expert opinion about marketing strategy.

Helps in improving your marketing strategies
Marketing strategies if not utilized properly may result in losing huge amount of budgets. To utilize marketing budgets efficiently for your business, it is always advised to take an expert opinion

Helps in introducing new tools
Marketing experts helps in providing you information about latest tools in the market which may help you generate quality leads. These tools help in analyzing your web traffic and where is the potential base for your business and helps in targeting that potential base.

Decrease unwanted budgets and plan a effective marketing plan
An effective marketing plan helps in decreasing budgets predominantly. Marketing consultants provides expert advices in bringing new marketing ideas and promotions which can helps in improving targeted web traffic.

Use latest marketing strategies to target large customer base
Marketing consultants helps in reaching to some of the large customer bases which helps in increasing business leads. You can get to know about the latest social media marketing tools which can boost your search engine rankings and also helps in search engine marketing.

Thus marketing consultants helps you in finding new business leads for your firm and thereby helping your business improve and earn profits.



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12 Powerful Ways How To Get Massive Traffic To Your Web Presence.


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Your inbound marketing and failure

If you think you can do inbound marketing without any failure then you are dreaming. Means you will do failures.

But let’s change the position and take a look from another perspective.

If you think you can fail and if you think you can do it right than you are right!

When you start your inbound marketing than you will oversee things, but this is ok!

When you start your blogging activities then your chances increases to get seen from your audience.

And not every activity will be the one with the best results! This is not the goal to be 100% perfect! Try to start your inbound marketing with a blog.

Brain vs. Budget = Inbound Marketing

View more presentations from inBlurbs

Businesses which blog get:

• 55% more traffic
• 97% more inbound links
• 434% more indexed pages

You can get blogging ideas from customers email, forums, social media, and Google news and so on. 

Write one post per week and then increase your blogging to two posts per week and so on.

Connect to social media sites and start to engage with your audience. Distribute your articles there as well.

Produce information products to capture leads. Set landing pages and include a compelling offer and a call to action to motivate your audience to register to the free info, so you generate leads.

Set a lead nurturing process and use email as a channel of information for your audience not for sales pitches! The results will be more leads convert to paying customers.

Inbound marketing generated leads have an up to 55% higher conversion rate than leads from other sources.

Register with business directories and offer some of value to your audience lead them to the landing pages and convert them to leads.

The same game with pay per click marketing.

So you produce a steady stream of leads the inbound marketing way.

It is as simple as that!

How did you started your inbound marketing and which obstacles did you take to achieve your lead generation goals?


cover 12 ways How to transform your offline marketing to online inbound marketing Download our FREE Report:

12 Powerful Ways How To Get Massive Traffic To Your Web Presence.


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