How the New Evernote App Can Benefit Your Business

Evernote is a great app to help you remember important information, keep track of appointments and other reminders. However, Evernote is more than just an app for personal usage; it can also help businesses and organizations maximize their efficiency. Here are some of the wonderful features and how they work for businesses:

Use It Everywhere

One of the most important features of Evernote is its ability for use on all devices. Write notes from your desktop or laptop at the office and access them on your smartphone while out with a client with ease and convenience. Fortunately, Evernote is compatible with both Mac and PC operating systems, allowing for an even broader base of users and further functionality.

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Keep Your Notes Organized

Many times, people create numerous notes on a project or client that they need to keep long-term. Instead of trying to sort through a mass of paper or locate a random file on the computer, you can create and store those notes in Evernote. Separate each client or project into its own Notebook to help you stay organized and quickly retrieve the information you want.

You can take it a step further and organize your notebooks into what is called a Stack. Say you want to create a list of customers, you could put each one in their own notebook and put all of the notebooks for one sales representative in a stack. The sales rep would leave notes about, contacting the potential customer as well as when an order is placed.

Make It Easy to Find

By giving your notes Tags, you can make it easy to find the information when you do a search. Search by client name, project type, or various other options based on the tags you use. Not only can you use this when you write notes, but it is also helpful when you embed non-written content. One of the most important benefits of Evernote is that you can include PDFs, webpages, images, even audio: whatever format your media is in, Evernote more than likely supports it.


One of the main requirements of any app designed for businesses is that you can share your information with others, whether employees, vendors, or even customers. First, it is important to note that once you download the application to your device, you will have immediate access to all of your notes. In addition, Evernote automatically synchronizes your data every 30 minutes so that everything is updated.

You can also select certain notebooks to share with others, as Premium members can even allow others to edit their notes. For the basic membership, it is a read-only version.

Other Features

While Evernote is not a mainstream inventory control system, online retail sites like Shopify or even pop up stores can keep track of their various products with this app. Use it for basic pricing and even add photos of your most popular items to create a handy portfolio.

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Want to give someone access to information from an email? Simply email it to Evernote and it will become a note. Need to keep receipts for business? Just scan it or take a photo of the receipt and save it to your Evernote account. You can also follow this procedure for business cards you receive from seminars and networking events.

Evernote is a great way for small businesses and brand new companies alike to stay organized without spending a lot of money on fancy software programs. It’s simple and user-friendly while providing many of the basic functions a business person would need to thrive and succeed!

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5 Ways to get Customers Inbound in 2012 through Mobile Marketing

mobile marketingMobile is on the rise. The evolution of technology which companies like Apple and Google have powered has produced new experiences how people find products and services.

People surf from their mobile devices like smart phones and tablets about three hours a day compared with one hour from their desktop PC.

People are connected on social networks like Twitter and Facebook, Yelp, Foursquare and other location based services that show them best locations in their area. They rate, check in and check out of their popular locations. There are apps available who show you how to mix a cool cocktail and which houses are for sale in a street.

The things have developed to a new level of communication. This leads to the question when people have their apps activated and are on them, will they additionally take the effort to open a web browser to research? More likely they will not.

The trend shows that search engine search traffic will decrease and companies who are active on location based services will get an increase of traffic as people use them preferable.


Infographic: Local Mobile Search

Local Mobile Search, mobile marketing, mobile lead generation


For a business this means to get engaged on those social networks and services which already are very popular and have mobile apps active. This is the way to get in front of the future customers. 


Infographic: Mobile Marketing


Some tips how to profit from the increasing mobile trend:

  • 1. Optimize your website to be accessible from mobile devices.
  • 2. Also a business should start to collect mobile phone numbers to enable their mobile marketing.
  • 3. Adjust the email marketing and the email messages to be easy readable from mobile devices is also a good strategy.
  • 4. Build your digital outpost and get engaged in social media, in location based services and rating sites.
  • 5. Develop your own mobile app to stay in touch with your audience directly.


Summary: With this above activities you can significantly improve your visibility in 2012 and attract more future customers to your business.

—What do you think about mobile marketing, did I miss anything?


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How to gain a competitive position for B2B with Mobile accessibility

mobile marketingMashable reported that LinkedIn has about 131 million users and that 13% of them access LinkedIn through mobile devices.

LinkedIn is the largest professional social network worldwide and has grown for about 63% compared with the last year.

An increasing number of professionals B2B are researching through their mobile devices. The mobile activity is increasing in B2B.

Millennial Media found out that Smartphone’s are responsible for 68% of website impressions. Also Millennial Media found out that mobile-social action Mix Up 39% month over month.

mobile marketing

Studies show that people surf on websites for about three hours from their mobile devices compared with one hour from their personal computer. Studies also show that actually about 260 million mobile devices are in use globally and this number is growing in a strong pace.

mobile website optimization

There is no question that growth in the B2C sector is much higher than in B2B. But keep in mind; consumers are also employed in companies can also be future B2B client. But only when you give the opportunity to know you and your company, means to offer a way to access your company information from a mobile device.

Now the question occurs how companies who are B2B oriented embrace these facts and how they plan to tune their marketing to stay competitive by simply being accessible through mobile devices, being accessible mobile for actual and future customers who research from their mobile devices for products and services your business also has to offer?

There are several indicators to keep an eye on the mobile marketing way.

  • 1. The mobile marketing spending is increasing.
  • 2. Smartphone’s have become state of the art and are dominating the mobile world.
  • 3. Tablet pc demand is also increasing.
  • 4. Mobile website optimization becomes more important.
  • 5. Location based mobile marketing has become a powerful way to connect with customers.
  • 6. Customers demand accessibility of information’s when they want and where they want.


Mobile usage is increasing and marketers must understand how their target audience is researching for information on the web. And they should create content to meet the needs of consumers which research the mobile way

Some stats:

  • – It takes 90 minutes for the average person to respond to an email. It takes 90 seconds for the average person to respond to a text message. (Source:
  • – There are more mobile phones on the planet than there are TVs. (Source: Jupiter)


Infographic: Mobile Marketing B2B

mobile web, mobile marketing, mobile websites

— How do you deal with the increasing damand of customers to access your website on mobile devices? I am looking forward to your comment.

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