The Perfect Photo Will Get Your Blog Shared

Two photo editors working on a computer in their officeFacebook posts with pictures receive 10 percent more engagement than posts without a photo, according to the marketing team at Webliquid. That’s a big difference in audience response. Are you sharing important visual cues with your audience?

Take the time to choose a photo

Whatever you do, don’t skip the photo. Ever go on to a dating site or craigslist to look for some furniture? Odds are you will only click on those posts that have a photo. You want to know what you’re in for. The same goes for blogging. Readers want to know what they are going to read, and your photo will do that for them, if chosen correctly.

Make it relevant

A picture of a cute dog might elicit interest, but if your article is about Internet security, then you lost your audience. Those interested in dogs will make a note to never read your blog, and internet security people will shake their head and wonder why they should read your blog at all.

If your goal is to get your blog read and shared, you need to have a professional and accurate representation of your subject. Consider photos not as decoration, but as visual aids to increase your audiences understanding. The University of Alabama at Birmingham reveals that visual aids, “help you to reach your objectives by providing emphasis to whatever is being said.”

Here are some tips and pointers to find and use the right photo that works for you and will get you more shares:

  1. Does it look professional? (not blurry or out of focus)
  2. Does it appear well composed? (there is balance in the photo)
  3. Does it directly relate to your article? (I.e. a picture of a beach with a blog about a beach vacation)
  4. Does the photo enhance your blog? If you are writing steps to complete a project, do you have photos of each step? Does it capture reader interest?

Finding a photo that works for your blog

  1. Search through Creative Commons. These photos generally require you to note the name of the photographer.
  2. Utilize high volume resources like iStockphoto.
  3. Consider reading photography articles and learning more about what’s out there, and how to use images.
  4. Use a photo of your own that can be used without too much editing.

Keep it simple

And, as a final note: Make sure to post your photos in a size appropriate for your blog. If you don’t compress your photo, it can take a long time for a large photo to load. This will cause readers to get impatient if they have to wait to read your blog and see your photos. Peer 1 Hosting reports that the “optimal load time for a web page was four seconds before users started moving on.


About the author:

RichardJohnson How Your Web Host Affects Search Engine OptimizationRichard Johnson is a veteran with over 8 years of service and multiple combat tours. He has multiple degrees in business and marketing from Arizona State University. Currently he is taking some time away from work to raise his kids and enjoy the outdoors.




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Google Opens Social Search To Find YOUR Business

Google Social Search, social media marketing strategy, social networks, inblurbs, inbound marketing Google has begun experimenting with Social Search. And has open up in beta for all Google users. Google Social Search will surface search results from social streams like bookmarks, blog posts, photos, video and social networks. This is a very big step.

Before a couple of month Google, Bing and Yahoo announced to include search results from social media. These steps from Google, Bing and Yahoo can help you to get better discovered online. Because of social media marketing strategy this Google Social Search and the inclusion in the search results of Bing and Yahoo can become a booster which additionally spread your content online and helps you to become more and more visible in front of your buyer persona!

More and more businesses have understood that it is important to engage in social media or they will be left behind of their customers. If you are out of sight of your customers you practically do not exist for them and they forget you and you can loose business. Moreover more and more people have friend networks for example on Facebook and these connections can benefit you if you are only on their radar.

If you are within these connections, to spread your message to your potential and future clients is a breeze and you possible reach more and more people with the power of networking, recommendation and word of mouth.

For your business you can do these steps today to ensure Google, Bing and Yahoo will include your messages and your content you spread through, your blog, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Step 1. Produce valuable and remarkable content and post it to your blog. Think about what your customer benefits. Don’t try to sell! Inform, teach and be helpful. When your potential clients recognize you as a valuable source and as an expert in your field they will trust you and buy from you!

Step 2. Spread your content to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn How to do this with LinkedIn? LinkedIn offers an ‘Associate Your Blog’ feature, where you can associate your self hosted WordPress blog. Each update of your blog will automatically be visible on LinkedIn also. If you use a self hosted WordPress blog, than simply associate it with LinkedIn.

How to spread your content to Twitter? With this WordPress Plugin ‘Twitter Tools’ you can update your Twitter account hands free every time you post a blog! You simply go to your WordPress Plugin section and search for ‘Twitter Tools from Author: alexkingorg. Crowdfavorite’ and install and activate it. Now go to Setting and insert you Twitter name and password and you are done! Now every published blog post will be automatically delivered to your twitter account. [If you have no self hosted WordPress blog, or even you have no blog, than you should consider implementing one for your business. You can go to and download it for free. The installation takes up to five minutes.]

To deliver your posts to Facebook is easy as well! You login into Facebook select to associate your Twitter account with your Facebook profile [You later do the same for your Facebook Fan Page] and also here will appear your new blog content.

This solution set above is free to use, you only need to do it. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are free, WordPress and the offered Plugins’ are also free.

These three and very easy steps from above need about one hour to make them work. Thereafter this system works for you night and day 24/7 and can bring you additional exposure, additional prospects and clients, as long as you produce quality, helpful and remarkable content.

Do you have any tips for how to use Opens Social Search? What are they and how do you use Opens Social Searchfor your Business?

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