Why you should avoid Social Media Marketing

no social media marketingSocial media is a great way to step into two way conversation with recent and future customers.

In these times it seems that everybody wants to step into social media.

In my opinion social Media is not for everybody! Why you will ask? And I will tell you from my point of view:

Social media marketing for small businesses can increase their brand awareness and reach massively. Everywhere in the net small businesses are trying to get a piece of the social media marketing pie and acting nervously to not get left behind.

My experiences are that most of them should better look to have a clear and good in time working email response first. Yep. I know that’s not nice of me.

But this is the simple painful truth. Most of them who are looking to step into social media conversation simply do not have their email conversation under control.

So how can they think to be successful in social media where they are required to answer in real time to profit from it, when they are not able to answer email requests within business hours?

Most online shops I have contacted need more than three hours to respond, some much longer and some do not answer anyway. But most of them are in social media. What a waste of time!

Imagine this, there is a future customer who has a question about a product he wants to buy, but he does not get any response in the worst case!

Social media success lives of real time communication, like in the real world. When you are on cocktail party and somebody asks you a question, than you can’t wait until tomorrow to answer. The same with social media!

Businesses which do not have their email communication under control and are not able to respond very quick, or better in real time, do not need to think about social media marketing yet. They better improve their email communication and when this is working well, in real time, than they can step into social media.

If you feel you have what it takes to step into social media marketing than here are several question for you to clear before you start:

  • – Ensure that your email communication is working and you do not produce angry prospects
  • – Is your email response time under one hour or better, than you can step into social media
  • – Who is responsible for email communication and social media conversation? You should have a minimum one person in charge of each one
  • – Do you have social media policy in place?
  • – What kind of content does your business publishes on regular basis on the web?
  • – Do you have goals set for lead generation through social media?
  • – What will be your activities to generate leads, do you have landing pages in place and how about a lead nurturing process to make paying customers out of your leads?
  • – Do you have set revenue goals for your social media marketing? If it does not bring in dollars than it makes no sense!


Alterian Annual Survey Infographic



Did I miss anything? Let me know I the comments below.

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How Word-of-Mouse can Drive Revenue for your business

social-media-content-strategyThe influence of user generated content on purchase decisions is increasingly growing. Especially the digital natives 18 to 34 account for this trend where products and services are recommended to friends, business partners and family.

User generated on-site content created by internet users includes reviews, comments, stories and questions.

A Study from Bazaarvoice shows that today up to 51% of internet users purchase decision is influenced by user generated content. It is influenced by their social network, family and friends.

Today people research on the internet and in social media about a brand, products and services to get the best deal for their buck.

It is crucial for any brand to know what these future clients will find about them on the web. What kind of ratings on rating sites, product reviews in their network, the brands communication from a blog, video, social media, press, etc.

What will these future customers find when they research about your business. Can this information they find about your company influence them positively to buy your products? Or will they influence them to buy the products from your competitor?

On the web you are what you publish, what are you? — David Meerman Scott —

Brands need to follow the general principles of authenticity and transparency and they need to understand there is a huge group of consumers right now who just do not trust them. They need to be open and give their audience the opportunity to talk about their brand. This will become the standard to the long term.

What brands can do to step into brand talk:

  • – Be where your target audience is around
  • – Listen to the conversation
  • – Respond to the conversation
  • – Publish and share buyer persona relevant and remarkable content on the web and in social media
  • – Ask for opinion about your products and your business
  • – Ask for any suggestions for product and services improvement
  • – Be authentic, be honest and be helpful
  • – Keep the conversation on run


The most important point: START IMMEDIATELY before your competitor does! A later uphill battle will cost you much more and it is doubtful that you can overtake them.

All of the points above increases trust, credibility and reputation of your brand. This is the currency on the web! When you are smart and build your currency the right way than you can gain a massive competitive edge.

What are you actually doing to get seen and found on the web when your target audience is looking for products or services you also have to offer?

Do you utilize one or all of the above suggestions to improve your chances on the market? If not you should start right away! It’s a mouse click economy; your competitor is only a mouse-click away.

Infographic: Bazaarvoice Millennials


Further important resources:


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How to use Social Media for Customer Acquisition

social media marketingSocial media has become a significant part of serious marketers lead generation strategy.

Companies who engage in social media increase their reach massively. And there is no matter if they are B2C or B2B.

Social media is public communications channel where companies can get great unfiltered feedback.

Companies need to understand that social media is not for “pushing your messages out “.

To be successful and to reach a positive ROI with social media, companies need to communicate and to listen to their audience.

It is simply untrue when someone claims that his customers are not active in social media. They are active in B2C and B2B and they research online for products and services.

The only question is: What will they find when they research for products and services you also have to offer, will they find you or your competitor?

Studies prove that B2C and B2B profit likewise from social media engagement.


A study from Wildfire Interactive shows that social media helps grow brand awareness, increase sales and partnerships and helped to reduce marketing costs.

Engaging in dialogue with customers via social media has become an important part of successful companies.

Smart marketers measure the value of social media channels as well. They want to know which one has the best results for their business. One of the most popular channels is Facebook. About 44% of surveyed marketers say that “Facebook is valuable because they help with new customer recruitment”.


Moreover they have stated that Facebook fans have higher conversion rates and they make more frequent purchases.

How can you measure the ROI of your social media marketing?

  • • At first you can do this by increase of your revenue
  • • As a second way you can measure are “Likes”
  • • You can measure social media mentions of your brand


A great way is to add lead capture pages to your in social published articles and to track the traffic, leads, lead to customer rate and revenue per generated lead. So you get a good picture of your cost per lead and adjust activities to increase your profits.

Studies show that companies which relying on online lead generation are two times more profitable than those who do not. Those companies achieve an up to 62% lower cost per lead.


Infographic: Brand Messaging

social brand messaging


Further resources:


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B2B Decision Makers are Increasingly Researching in Social Media

In the beginning of the internet it was a source of information and today entertainment and shopping have accompanied this attitude. But research is still the main factor when it comes to web use.


Before social media people went mainly to search engines to research and to find products and services. Today in times of social media the products and services find them through discussions, content sharing and recommendations from friends and followers. And even on the road these information are accessible through mobile devices.

This evolution of information technology also arrived to the B2B companies.

The search volume on Facebook has overtaken Google. And there are not only consumers who research there. B2B is also using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and other social networks to research for products, services, industry related information and new business partners.

Nobody says that a product or service with a volume of hundreds of thousands of dollars has to be sold on Facebook. But the first contact can be made there and the further discussions and negotiations can be took offline to close the deal.

Social media is a great way to showcase a business and to offer a more personal insight view. A company has great opportunities to show personality to attract the right buyer persona and to get in touch with the right new future customer when this one is looking out for products and services.

All social media sites also have mobile apps; their reach also spreads wider and is working 24/7. Not only teenagers are surfing on social networks through their mobile devices. B2B decision makes do this as well and their number is increasing!

“Research from ad agency TricomB2B and University of Dayton School of Business Administration showed an even higher concentration of B2B influencers researching purchases on mobile devices.”

How can you and a B2B firm leverage this information above for your business?

  • 1. Start a social media presence. Complete your profile there.
  • 2. Research for industry related B2B groups and people. Become a member and invite those people to your network.
  • 3. Listen to their discussions. If you have something valuable to contribute than do it, otherwise go on listening.
  • 4. Start a corporate blog. Write about topics your B2B audience is interested in. Share your blog articles in social media and ask for feedback for your publication.
  • 5. Build landing pages and offer exclusive and valuable content for download. So you generate laser target high quality industry related B2B leads.
  • 6. Measure your activities.
  • 7. Improve your activities and repeat.

What do you think? How are your experiences?


Further important resorces:


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Inbound Marketing the Easy Solution to get endless Business Leads

inbound-marketing-lead-generationTo be visible on Facebook and LinkedIn increases your chances massively to get a steady stream of high quality business leads and revenue.

As this information is a fact, still not the most companies do embrace social media and the wide opportunities it offers to step into real-time two way communication.

Still there are companies which do not act in this medium.

Research data below shows this:

  • • On Facebook alone, 69% of small businesses reported receiving customer recommendations through the site (University of Maryland School of Business)
  • • 41% of people using LinkedIn for marketing have generated business from it (Hubspot)



  • • According to CreditDonkey, just 35% of small business owners have a Facebook page (CreditDonkey)
  • • 18% of small businesses are using LinkedIn (Crowdspring)


What does it mean for your business?

When you are active now:

  • — Increase your activity and do more. Optimize what you are doing right now and measure to learn more about the things who work and the one who does not.


When you are still not active:

  • — When you start now you can position yourself the smart way and secure your share.
  • — Come from the sideline and take action before you get left behind and have to start an expensive uphill battle.


Companies which engage in social media show presence and get tremendous opportunities to get in touch with their audience. This also leads to an increase of credibility and unfiltered feedback of the audience and this can lead to an improvement of products and services.

The value of effective social media engagement in a context of a well executes inbound marketing strategy can be measured and results in an increase of brand value and growing revenue.

There is a wide list of big and small companies which have increased their success by utilizing social media. Companies like IBM, Dell, Coca Cola, SteelMaster Buildings LLC, The Equine Practice, Inc, Idea Paint, Neenah Paper Inc. and Duncan Aviation Inc. only to name some of them. And you can become one of these success stories too.


Infographic: The Future of Marketing

social brand messaging

—What do you think? Let me kow your thoughts and comment below.

Further sources:


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10 Great Ways How to Reach Global B2B Customers with LinkedIn

linkedin_for_your_businessLinkedIn has about 100 million users from all over the world and the majority of 56% comes from outside the US.

As the biggest business related social network, LinkedIn offers large opportunities for B2B to get in touch with future and to stay in touch with recent business partners.

LinkedIn offers a wide toolset of features to get seen from future business partners. To list all of them would lead to far. But let me mention some which you can use right away.

For your profile:

You personal profiles are the first stage you have to reach. Register with LinkedIn and complete your profile. Take care to use keywords related to your business. This makes it much easier for the search engines to index your profile and for future customers to find it during their research online.

-Twitter stream

You can add your Twitter stream to your LinkedIn profile. This stream can encourage visitors of your to become more curious about what you do.


Ad your publications and a web link where your profile visitor can read or download them. So you can lead visitors of your profile directly to landing page to get them registered as lead.

-Ad your blog

Here you can add your blog RSS feed and all blog articles you publish will also be visible on your personal LinkedIn page.


A great way to capture attention is when other people talk about you and your qualities. Her you have the opportunity to ask for recommendations of your network members you already have worked with. This can increase your credibility with people who did not know you before.

-Additional Information

Here you can add your websites with up to three links, your Twitter with up to two links and your interests which can be made of keywords to get better found from search engines.


LinkedIn Company Pages:

This is where you can introduce your company to the LinkedIn audience.


Here you can write a brief description about your business and how it benefits the future customer.

-Recent Tweets / Recent Blog Posts

As in the personal profile you can add your Twitter account to make your Twitter stream visible on LinkedIn as well and your corporate blog to show your blog articles on your LinkedIn company page.


Here it is where you can post jobs on LinkedIn to find candidates on the world’s largest professional network.

-Products & Services

This is my personal favorite of all LinkedIn company page features. Here you have the great opportunity to introduce your products and services to you audience. You can add a description and a picture of the product or service. This is a valuable opportunity on the world’s largest professional network with it 100 million users!


To know what’s going on your LinkedIn company page is important for you. By this analytics tool you get a clear picture what going on, on your company page. So you can measure, observer and improve your LinkedIn marketing.

Keep in mind that all of the above described features are for free. The only thing you have to do is to make seriously use of them. By seriously use those above features you empower your LinkedIn to a powerful business outpost for your company. An additional toolset of chances to get attention, visitors to your website and business leads to increase revenue and profit.


It is as simple as that! Get on LinkedIn be persistent and serious about the goals you want to achieve from your LinkedIn marketing time investment!

–What do you think about LinkedIn for business? I am looking forward to your comments below.


Further important resources:


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Overtake 33 Percent of your Competition by Measure your Marketing ROI

b2b marketing measureIf you are in B2B than this data could be very interesting for you! Moreover if you read them backwards you can learn how to overtake about 33% of your competition by simply measure your marketing ROI.

A new research done be Sagefrog Marketing Group and reported be eMarketer found out that about 33% of B2B companies did not track return on investment (ROI) at all.

Do you measure your marketing ROI? If not yet you should do it as soon as possible. To measure the marketing ROI is easier than you think.

What does this mean to your business when you are selling primarily to B2B?

When you actually are able to measure your marketing ROI effectively this could mean that your marketing department is working closely with your sales department to generate and to close leads. This also means you have set efficient CRM and follow processes to support your lead to customer conversion, measurement and reporting.

But if you have not already done these steps above than you will need to rethink your business strategy if you want to overtake about 33% of your competition by apply these simple tasks and processes to your business.

To apply powerful marketing ROI measurement you will need to invest time, effort and money. You will need to do an audit of your whole business and recent processes to learn where you stand at the moment.

From this point you can do a plan to execute your pathway to marketing ROI measurement and to overtake the mentioned 33% of your B2B competition. But be aware that your competition is also not sleeping and they read the news and such reports like this as well. So you should start right away to improve your market position.

Here are some quick steps you could do make your marketing ROI more visible:

  • – Measure your traffic and the traffic sources.
  • – Find out which of your pages attract the most traffic and the how long the visitors stay on those pages.
  • – Optimize those pages and include effective business lead generation tactics on those pages. You could do call to action and you could offer more bonus info by registration through a short form.
  • – Use technologies like marketing automation software to help you to do the things smarter.
  • – Segment the generated leads to track the best and most successful lead sources.
  • – When you push a new lead to your sales, than they should touch the lead ASAP and report the recent lead outcome. They should do this with an effective CRM. By the way Microsoft Excel is not an effective CRM system. Instead of you could use one of the several very high qualities and less cost hosted solutions on the market.


Hosted CRM Solutions:


  • – Track the way of each lead from the visit at one of your websites, the registration on a landing page, the push to a sales person, through the lead nurturing process and the closing.
  • – Establish reliable and track able communication ways between marketing and sales so things can be improved in real time.
  • – Make the reporting of these data and the recent marketing ROI to a real time task to hold your marketing transparent and all people involved accountable for the results.


With these activities you will be able to see from which marketing activities and sources you gain your best ROI and to improve your recent marketing tasks to increase your revenue.

B2B Lead Nurturing

Marketing takeaway tip: To measure your marketing ROI is the same thing as check a course of a ship at high seas. If you do not check your course in your business you will not be able to reach your goals on the long term. Stop relying on luck or your experience. It’s a real time world where things happen and change within minutes. There is a lot of technology out there to help you. Set yourself in the position to see your business in real time. This helps you to make decisions in real time as well. To know where your marketing budget is going and what you get out can make the difference between to overtake the 33% of your competition or to get left behind and lose the game!

Further important resources for this topic:


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Make the Most of Social Media Marketing

There is no doubt about it; social media is here to stay. While the thought of venturing in into the realm of social media can be intimidating, the thing to remember is to start small, start with a purpose, and work to grow your social media marketing strategy over time.

social media lead generation, social media marketing agency, social media marketing strategy, Social Media ROIThe Facts

The trajectory of social networking continues to rise and gain momentum.

In fact, in 2010, 9 out of every 10 U.S. Internet users visited a social networking site each month and in 2010 social networking sites accounted for 12 percent of all time spent online, with an average Internet user spending more than 4.5 hours on these sites each month.

Social networking has become ingrained in our lives and is quickly becoming the preferred form of communication for countless individuals.

Facebook, the social networking behemoth, accounted for 10 percent of U.S. page views in 2010, and three out of every ten Internet sessions included a visit to this site.

(2010 U.S. Digital Year in Review: A Recap of the Year in Digital Media)


Why Use Social Media?

Aside from the fact that these sites are widely popular, they do provide numerous benefits to companies and organizations that are willing to invest in this type of marketing strategy.

These sites can assist in recruiting new employees, helping to establish trust with customers, working to build positive word of mouth buzz and establishing your company as an authority in your field of business. They can also assist with garnering research on your customers and testing out new product ideas.

Internally, they can also increase employee communication and feedback, assist with business process improvements and work to streamline project management efforts.


Where to Begin

As stated earlier, start small, but start smart.


Determine which sites to target

Figure out which sites your current and potential clients are visiting and focus on utilizing those for your social media efforts. Also assess what your competition is doing and don’t be afraid to review the efforts of large, successful companies. You can often glean tips and tricks to utilize on a smaller scale.


Establish goals and set metrics

Are you trying to raise brand awareness, sell more products, build relationships, position yourself as a thought leader, or all of the above? It is extremely important to evaluate how successful your strategy is. Measure how much your social media sites are being utilized and survey customers about their knowledge of them.


Align your tone and messaging

Since your vehicle for communication is changing, you also have to consider how you should change the tone of your messaging. Social media is much more casual than traditional marketing and it is also much more indirect.


Become a thought leader

Individuals see right through a campaign that is all about you and your business, instead, focus on sharing how your products and services can make the lives of your customers better and easier.

Don’t be afraid to share information that isn’t specifically about your company. Sharing valuable information establishes trust with your customer base; it shows them that you care about their success.


Make the time commitment and be timely

Social media is about starting and maintaining a conversation. You need to be active in order for social media to benefit your business. Set aside time each day to review what people are saying and to partake in the conversation.

Integrate your social media strategies with each other and with your traditional marketing plans

Ensure your messaging and branding remains consist. The last thing you want to do is jeopardize, weaken or dilute your brand.


In Conclusion

Take a deep breath and jump right in because you have to start somewhere. As long as your content is valuable, you will see that people are interested in what you have to say.

Author Profile

Keith BarrettKeith Barrett is a leading search engine optimization expert, with specific interest in social media marketing. His company, Search South, offers small business SEO services, as well as a wider range of approaches for businesses of all sizes.


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Show me the money of Social Media

Companies which are interested to engage their audience with the help of social media like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn oft ask where the profit from social media is. How much cash does it bring in?


These are good questions but lead in the wrong direction. Means how much can you sell to them?

Social media like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are communication channels. This means your profit indirect from them.

The best way to profit from social media is to publish interesting and share worthy content. This kind of share worthy content will help your company to build your credibility and trust with your audience and attract them automatically to your products or services.

The social media communication channels are no megaphone for your product pitches. Your target audience could react negative when you pitch them through social media.

Moreover you should work on it to be visible when the moment comes and they are ready to buy products and services your also have to offer.

In the meantime establish yourself as a credible and trusted source and build relationships with your network and a friendly and open company image.

This is where the cash in social meida is in the long term!

Sure you can measure your social media results from the first day you start. You can also generate business leads for your business from the first day you are on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. But the real profit of social media is in the long-term profit for your companies.

How do you attract your audience in social media? Please leave your comments, ideas and suggestions below in the comment field.

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Don’t sell to your audience moreover entertain them

When you are in social media and you think you can use social media as an additional pitching channel for your products and services than you are very wrong.

Why should anybody of your network buy from you? What do you do to engage with your audience?

Do you encourage enthusiasm, build community, tell stories and entertain your audience?

Simple asked: “What’s the value you bring to your audience?”

Did you listen before you started to bore your network friends and followers with your offers?

Your products and services do not interest anybody exempt you self! That’s the truth!

If you want that your audience recognizes you as source of value than simply bring value to your audience!

Get in touch with your network by telling stories, listen and entertaining them. This will make you attractive; build your community, trust and enthusiasm.

When you have reached this stage than you are in the middle of the conversation and you attract automatically your target buyer personas to your offer inbound without bore them with your sales pitches.

How do you encourage enthusiasm, build community, tell stories and entertain your audience in social media? I am looking forward to your comments below!

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9 Ways to measure your social media ROI the smart way

Social media can be a great source of traffic and leads.

More and more businesses start the conversation in social media and many of them ask for the ROI.

As social media needs investment of time and money like any other communication channel, it needs to prove results!

http://blog.thesocialbusiness.com/files/2010/08/metrics.jpgMetrics are a great way to prove results.


The amount of target traffic is important. The more qualified visitors you have the more leads you generate. Build as many traffic as you can.


The more people participate in your online activities the better. This shows that you have authority and can motivate your target group.


When you publish content look out how many people read or downloads your published content. Most services offer stats. Here you can get metrics about the success of your content.


Leads are a result of qualified traffic and good landing pages with compelling call to action. Like traffic, the more the better. But your lead count depends to your traffic! Build as many landing pages as you can.


The more you engage in social media like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn and some other the more you can expand your reach. For example, each Facebook user has about 130 friends and their friends have also about 130 friends each, and so.

Search Engines

Under which keywords can you be found in the search engines. And how often are you found through this keywords from you target audience?


The more people you mention, your business and your brand the better. So more people become aware of you and visit your social profiles and your website.

Customer Satisfaction

Service and support are the secret weapons of marketing. Satisfied customers use to talk and unsatisfied talk as well. Keep your clients satisfied and you will gain more business.

Your revenue

The most important metric! Has your revenue increased? If yes, which channel was the most profitable one?

These are some simple ideas for you to measure your activities and to show ROI.

How do you measure your sociel media results and what are your experiences?



cover 12 ways Get 55% higher lead conversion rate with your own inbound marketing leads Download our FREE Report:

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The Fortune 100 Companies love social media

During the past years social media has reached more and more big companies.

Companies as Coca Cola, SAP, IBM and many more are successfully active in social media.

For those companies social media has become an important communication channel to get valuable information about trends, customer satisfaction, to learn more about the market demand and address their products and services successfully straight direct to their audience.
For those companies who still did not embrace social media ahard uphill battle has begun!
Still there are misunderstandings and zero strategies when companies try to make use of social media as a communication channel.
Mostly traditional PR thinking collides with the new art of social media marketing.
Burson-Marsteller 2011 Global Social Media Check-up

To get value out of social media activities companies need to have a strategy, resources, budget and to forget the old school PR thinking! It simply does not work anymore in social media. Moreover it can damage a brand seriously.

To be successful in social media, you need to see social media as an important part of a holistic marketing strategy where every gear fits into each other like a Swiss watch.

As social media is one important part but not the only part of your marketing you need to have a holistic inbound marketing strategy. There is some more to be done to get value out of your social media marketing activities as well.

From the initial and important part of to get found online through search engines, social media, corporate blog, guest blogging -commenting, eBooks, whitepapers and some more; To the lead capture, lead nurturing, lead conversion and measurement, the inbound marketing strategy covers it all.

Inbound marketing is the marketing strategy that focuses on getting found by customers.

With inbound marketing businesses earn their way to the customer, by publishing helpful information on a blog, in social media and forums.

Inbound marketing includes Blogging, Social Media, Lead Conversion, Lead Nurturing and Closed-Loop Analysis.

Inbound marketing can help you to:

A. Save up to 60% of your marketing budget.
B. Stand out of your competition.
C. Generate a massive amount of leads.
D. Get up to 55% higher lead conversion rates.
E. Increase your customers and sales.

As your primarily goal is to get found, you need to gain reach. You need to expand your channels like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Search engines, YouTube, Corporate Blog, Blog directories, industry related forums and some more niche social networks.

You need to become a trusted and valuable source for your audience. This helps your business a lot and open doors where walls have been before.

You need to communicate authentic and honestly with your audience and expand your network step by step organically.

As you are active in social media, you can add press releases and sales activities to your social media tasks as well.

Listen carefully! Conversation about your brand is happen in social media for sure. The questions are, do you know about it and how do you respond to it?

Monitor social media to know when your brand is mentioned. Respond in a professional manor and take negative comments as chance to showcase your point of view!

The way you respond shows the level how much you care about your audience opinion!

And also this gives you an outlook about your future chances to survive in this competitive social media world.

More important resources:


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What’s your Social Media ROI?

Do you measure your social media activities and whats the ROI?

More and more businesses worldwide and are validating
daily the business impact of social media in building brands.

How about your business? Is social media part of your marketing plan now? In 2011 social media will be in use of any smart entity!

More great data which show the ROI of social media is emerging daily and these data will encourage further companies to get started with social media as an important additional marketing channel to attract further customers to their businesses.

Also the people in charge for social media marketing within the companies will experience the need to showcase results, reports, data and ROI to their CEOs.

They will need to replace their buzzwords and hype with more exact results and reports.

Start your inbound marketing the proven and easy way!

Some proven facts about inbound marketing:

A. Saves you up to 60% of your marketing budgets.
B. Makes you stand out of your competition.
C. Generates you a massive amount of leads.
D. You get up to 55% higher lead conversion rates.

Some resources to shorten your learning curve:

A great way to sowcase your results to your CEO is the HubSpot Marketing Software Solution.

It’s simple. HubSpot:

  • helps you get found online by more qualified visitors.
  • shows you how to convert more visitors into leads.
  • gives you tools to close those leads efficiently.
  • provides analytics to help make smart marketing investments.

Watch this video: HubSpot Product Overview


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The Social Media ROI Journey

The Social Media ROI Journey Social media platforms are today serving as a great inbound marketing tool for building credibility, brand awareness as well as community of people with same interests.

It also helps in creating effective web presence which later helps in getting massive lead generation. But all this cannot be achieved and successfully measured easily.

You always need to have a clear picture of your ROI (Return on Investment) which can be achieved by your internet marketing consultants and SMM (Social Media Marketing) firm.

People always wanted to know about whether or not SMM can increase their sales and improve their growth ratio.

They always wanted to know about what they are getting as a result of their efforts and investments. But it has been cleared that using social media platforms effectively and wisely enables a business to be more visible and helps them to grow with their online marketing.

Better social media marketing tactics should be employed for the online business for getting faster results.

Social media is a one of the greatest hub marketing solutions and an inbound marketing tool that several businesses and organizations are using to get popularity and profits at the same time.

But to go back to the question of ROI journey, you would first need to determine the criteria and your goals against which you want to measure your online marketing campaign’s success.

Using social media platforms for your inbound marketing solutions need you to constantly feed your media with unique and original content that highly attracts your potential customers.

Measuring ROI with any precision is a challenging and difficult task. But if you know your goals better you can measure it accurately to some extent.

Defining your goals will make you more focussed on these goals and you can decide that whether your goals are reached after some specific time. Simply saying once you know what you want to measure, you can probably find a way to do it.

You should also not forget that SMM just like SEO takes some time. You should therefore give some time before you try to measure your success through social media marketing.

Do you have any tips about Social Media ROI? What are they and how do calculate your Social Media ROI for your business?
For more on social media roi, visit the links given below:

Let me know what you think and comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

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Glass House: Or How To Analyze Your Business

Social media provides an opportunity to sell products and services online and offline. These services can be B2B services and B2C services. Though the main conceptualization is to sell goods, there are different approaches for B2B services and that for B2C services.

Clicky, facebook social media, Google analytics, Lead Capture Pages, lead generation social media, linkedin, marketing analytics, twitter for marketing, WoopraSome of the hurdles which are generally seen by marketing executives in B2B market are how to generate leads from social media for B2B services.

Some of the basic social media strategies that can provide efficient lead generation are given below which mostly work for any kind of services.

Examining and Understanding Online Analytics
First step for any company is to analyze and understand the online data which can help them in optimizing their marketing strategies and social media pipe line.

There are many analytic available in Internet which can be installed in your website to analyze the studies. Some of the best analytic tools are Google Analytics, Woopra and Clicky.

Developing Infrastructure and Strategic Content
Before starting your social media marketing for any service, make sure you have developed a good content and good lead capture pages. Otherwise all your social media marketing efforts will go in vain.

Content is king and this should be the primary target for any company.

Good content and well developed website are stepping stones for good marketing. For developing content, there should be sufficient infrastructure to identify content and prioritize your lead capture pages.

Establishing Proper Back End Data
Data that is received from leads should be properly established and maintained according to categories. It should be identified that leads coming from different marketing strategies should be ordered so that it is easy to gain more leads from similar offers.

Managing Social Communities
Managing social communities is one of the important strategies that provide quality leads for your company. Especially your website should have facebook fan pages, integrated with LinkedIn and Twitter.

This increases more possibilities of leads from social communities.

Establishing an Autopsy
Your plans should have definite goals and also an autopsy should be scheduled at the end of each goal. Because autopsy is the main thing which stakeholders discuss when talking about the success and brand image of the company.

Social Media B2B lead generation is the most powerful and provides quicker lead generation compared to tradition B2B lead generation.

For more information related to social media and

Let me know what you think and comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

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