Content Creation Strategy

How Word-of-Mouse can Drive Revenue for your business

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The influence of user generated content on purchase decisions is increasingly growing. Especially the digital natives 18 to 34 account for this trend where products and services are recommended to friends, business partners and family. User generated on-site content created by internet users includes reviews, comments, stories and questions. A Study from Bazaarvoice shows that […]

Advanced Content

Show me the money of Social Media

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Companies which are interested to engage their audience with the help of social media like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn oft ask where the profit from social media is. How much cash does it bring in? These are good questions but lead in the wrong direction. Means how much can you sell to them? Social media […]

Get Found Online

The Fortune 100 Companies love social media

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During the past years social media has reached more and more big companies. Companies as Coca Cola, SAP, IBM and many more are successfully active in social media. For those companies social media has become an important communication channel to get valuable information about trends, customer satisfaction, to learn more about the market demand and […]

inbound marketing

What’s your Social Media ROI?

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Do you measure your social media activities and whats the ROI? More and more businesses worldwide and are validating daily the business impact of social media in building brands. How about your business? Is social media part of your marketing plan now? In 2011 social media will be in use of any smart entity! More […]

Lead Generation

The Social Media ROI Journey

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Social media platforms are today serving as a great inbound marketing tool for building credibility, brand awareness as well as community of people with same interests. It also helps in creating effective web presence which later helps in getting massive lead generation. But all this cannot be achieved and successfully measured easily. You always need […]