5 Easy ways to get ROI of your social media marketing campaign

When you are engaged in social media conversation than this can be very beneficial for your business.

Real time engagement can help you to facilitate your customer service, improve your public relation and your brand.

Participating in social media can have a number of beneficial business applications such as facilitating customer service and boosting public relations.

Your engagement in social media should also reflect results for your revenue. Revenue this is your main goal to take all the efforts and investments.

How about your social media marketing? Do you get revenue out from your social media marketing and how do you measure this. What are your most important social media marketing channels and how many leads they generate and how do those leads convert. What’s your social media ROI?

Here are the Top 5 social media ROI metrics you can track easily:

1. Your Social Media Reach: Measure your Facebook fans, Twitter followers and LinkedIn Connections. The more people you have in your network the wider your message will spread. Track how your reach is increasing and also try to indentify influencers in your friend’s network and connect to them as well. Expand your reach. The more qualified people the more your reach will increase.

2. Your Website Traffic: The main reason why you do social media marketing ist to increase your website or blog traffic. Measure how many visitors come from social media websites. The more your social media reach increases the more your website and blog traffic will increase as well.

3. Your Business Leads: The lead amount and quality are your most important measures of your social media marketing ROI. Track how many leads come from each social media source and improve your doings on those social media sites to get the most out.

4. Your New Customers: Research how many of your social media business leads are converting to paying customers and from which sources the come. This gives you another important measure to tweak your social media marketing.

5. The Conversion Rate: What’s your website visitor to business lead conversion rate? What share of your traffic from social media websites becomes lead on your website or blog? This is an indicator which of your activities or website converts better and which one you could improve to increase the channel ROI.

Marketing Takeaway Tip: To track and to measure is an important part of social media marketing success. With these metrics above you are able to track and to measure your social media marketing. You are able to show clear numbers and ROI. This helps you to improve your doings and your revenue!

How about your social media marketing ROI? I am looking forward to your comments here below in the comments field.

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Google Bing and Yahoo Are Indexing Your Social Media Content Now

Social Media is powerful way to generate traffic and leads for your website online. Many companies have already started using Social Media for promoting their business products. But they only used to get traffic and leads from these social communities. But in recent days, Major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing started indexing this social content.

This gives a chance to improve your link popularity and also improve brand image of your organization. So how really active are you in social media now?

Google’s real time search features were launched in the month of December last year when social communities like Twitter, Facebook and Myspace were announced as partners. In later days Twitter integration was also been live and integration of fan pages in facebook are yet to be completed.

Adding Myspace, Facebook and Twitter updates gives users opportunities for their status updates, blog posts and other data live in search results of Google. This can increase the lead count thus by increasing traffic for your websites.

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Tips for Getting Recognition through Updates

Due to the latest changes from Google and Google real time updates, your status messages and blog posts are indexed very quickly in Google. This gives your product launches, offers to be reached to public more quickly.

Some of the tips for getting more recognition are:

Post Regularly
Post your blog posts every day and don’t forget to update in social media. Use tools like live wire for using its service to update in all social communities.

Produce High quality tweets
Produce Tweets which are having high quality and provide good number of referrals for your website. Use latest twitter tools like socialoomph.com which spreads your face book and other social community information to your tweeters.

Constantly update your status and Latest Offers
If you are not using either of the above services, update constantly to gain more recognition and get high quality leads for your promotions and products.

For more information related to search engines indexing your social media updates, visit the links given below:
Google Real Time Search on MySpace

Google is beating Bing

Let me know what you think and comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

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