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HEALING online with VIDEO

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There are millions of Healing Practitioners around the globe, with much to offer the world in terms of healing, training + moving forward, but many are struggling to put food on the table in these economic climes. Most Medical Aid Funds do not support, nor include most of the Wellness industry in their Medical Aid […]

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What is ‘The Arts’ ? 1.    The Arts is a group of disciplines, comprising many genres, endeavours or art forms, all united by their employment of the human creative impulse, to express and communicate through various art forms. 2.    New and additional genres are being added daily. 3.    Let us put them all in one […]


3 Easy Tips For B2B Lead Generation With Inbound Marketing

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3 Tips For B2B Lead Generation With Inbound Marketing Social Media Marketing has been successful for business organizations to develop B2C marketing and there are severe concerns regarding its helpfulness for B2B marketing. There were many researches that have been performed in order to verify social media platform for B2B marketing. This article provides information […]

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5 Great Reasons For Effectiveness of Video Marketing

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5 Great Reasons For Effectiveness of Video Marketing Video marketing is one of the best promotional tools in the process of marketing your products. Because it has proven through surveys that many customers are satisfied with the information provided through videos, Video marketing is adopted as successful Internet Marketing strategy to gather more leads. After […]


Do You Use Video For SEO?

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Do You Use Video For SEO? It has become harder for websites to gain a first page top listing on Google. This has opened the opportunity for you to go other ways to gain your top listing. Images and video are two of the ways you can go to gain a Google top listing. Forrester […]