video email, video marketing, video communicationsWhat is ‘The Arts’ ?

1.    The Arts is a group of disciplines, comprising many genres, endeavours or art forms, all united by their employment of the human creative impulse, to express and communicate through various art forms.
2.    New and additional genres are being added daily.
3.    Let us put them all in one box for ease of understanding. This may be contentious to some globally, who have different perceptions of The Arts.
4.    The many forms of expression create an adequate or enormous income for many players, but for others, sadly it must just be perceived as a pastime, due to lack of funds or infrastructures.
5.    The Arts are dying in many countries, which are not getting sufficient financial support from their governments or other and so it is time to seek other means of exposure and marketing platforms.

What do The Arts enable ?

1.    Imparting a message
2.    Telling a true story
3.    Education
4.    Imparting own gifts
5.    Creating mindset shifts
6.    Enabling interactive conversation
7.    Enabling enjoyment, laughter, sadness, joy etc
8.    Self expression
9.    Enabling escape from real life – and so on

Let’s look at some players in ‘The Arts’

  • MUSICIANS – all genres from jazz to rap
  • ARTISTS – all mediums, including sculptors, potters, etc
  • DANCERS – al genres, from ballet to hip hop
  • SINGERS –  from OPERA to RAP – including producers, choreographers
  • FILM/THEATRE – actors, directors, writers, producers, choreographers
  • WRITERS/AUTHORS – all genres, including poets, fiction, non-fiction, biographies, etc

Players in ‘The Arts’ need to up their marketing game + would do well, by using the Social networking sites + incorporating VIDEO COMMUNICATIONS into their marketing mix


Adding VIDEO CONFERENCING / WEBINARS into the marketing mix :


More and more of The Arts genres are embracing this powerful technology as an adjunct marketing, training, collaboration, communication and exposure platform. Due to budget and time constraints, people cannot always travel far distances to attend an event/training etc..

  • DISTANCE Training/Workshops
    • Globally teaching, learning + rehearsing dance routines, orchestral music arrangements + scores, scripts etc in advance before show time
    • Creating a global environment for creative research across diverse disciplines, where all players can collaborate, experiment and enjoy artistic exchange and learning, exploring the boundaries of synthesizing art and technology
    • In this global environment, students can actively explore their creativity and develop, using their own creative gifts through active engagement, reflection and collaboration
    • More and more music teachers world wide are embracing this technology to teach pupils to play various instruments in remote areas



Virtual shows can be created in a global Video Meeting Room, where interested parties can participate in interactive sessions, with people interested in learning more about their particular genre of Art.


o       Authors can save a fortune by hosting a virtual book tour.

o       This can be co-marketed with e-commerce book companies, online communities and off-line bookstores, that want to drive traffic to their stores and sites.


o       Invite reporters or editors to an online web interview.

o       These web events can be conducted with the media, through relevant websites and e-commerce sites.

o       Online web interviews enable interviewing all relevant journalists at once, with the promotion of their stories on Movie, TV, Radio, Theatre, Music, Dance, Arts etc.

o       Webinars enable you to expose large groups of people at once to interviews with actors, singers, dancers, poets, playwrights, producers, choreographers, directors etc..


o      Artists across all art form mediums, can use Video Conferencing to go global, communicate and show their art to the world.

o      They could even stream a pre-recorded video on a virtual tour of their art from their own studio or gallery.

o      Inviting a well known art expert as a guest speaker to a Webinar, who in their own rights, will attract numbers to the web event, would be an added bonus.

Adding VMail – The new EMAIL – into the marketing mix


What is a Vmail ?

o      Video Email is simple to use, online, browser based technology, which enables you to create your own personal Vmails.

o      Most technology platforms allow 20 minutes of talk time, which is more than adequate to impart your message.

o      Additional videos may also be uploaded into the Vmail, e.g. a virtual tour of an Artist’s gallery or studio, a Singer or Dancer’s debut or demo, etc.. 

o      No software downloads are necessary.

o      Bandwidth is not compromised, as the VMail opens on the Internet.

o      Most Vmail purveyors allow full integration into your social networks to share on Youtube or Facebook, etc..


Video Email is the new Email ! It is a perfect adjunct marketing tool to incorporate into your Video Communications suite –

Why ?

  • It’s Different
  • More powerful
  • More Personal
  • More Effective
  • Is Creative
  • Seeing is Believing
  • Has more Impact
  • Grabs the customer’s Attention
  • Enables you to literally look into your contact’s eyes and develop a relationship with that person, engaging them on a level that is simply not possible with a static text email
  • Enables your voice to resonate on a subliminal level
  • Static text emails, are easy to ignore, and at their best, give a customer only the vaguest notion of what your business or craft really values

Facts :

  • – Google loves Video !
  • – Cisco predict there will be a 10 fold increase in the use of Video over the next 5 years
  • – Internet Video traffic is now 40% of consumer internet
  • – People retain 10% of what they hear, but 50% of what they see
  • – Video is the single, most effective form of communication
  • – Additional creative marketing platforms are constantly being sought
  • – ‘Old school’ marketing is no longer effective


1cdc3d1 VMAIL is the new EMAILHeather de Wit considers herself to be an ‘out of the box’ thinker and is happy to share her knowledge on the merits of utilising Video Email and Conferencing/Webinars. Her experience as a sole Entrepreneur for over 20 years spans marketing, advertising and PR.  She enjoys creative writing, singing at functions and is a self-taught artist.


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  1. this take on “the arts” is naive & superficial, at best.

    the bundling of creative expression, making money, and marketing is disgusting.

    the idea of video as a *new* medium is ridiculous – all of the ideas mentioned here have been implemented for some years now.

    that ‘bandwidth is not compromised…’ statement demonstrates a fundamental misunderstanding of internet technologies. video requires vastly more bandwidth than text – that’s irrefutable.

    “the arts” are not dying practices around the globe. any suffering is not due to a lack of government funding but rather a lack of cultural education and a suffocation brought on by the masses of amateur, mediocre, ill-informed, would-be ‘artists’ who feel they deserve attention (preferably monetary) simply because they’ve made something.

  2. Mr Reasonable ? Unusual name – Why are you so angry ? – You are entitled to your opinion, which I do not agree with – I will not waste my valuable time replying in any detail + wish you well ! Heather

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