The pros and cons of promoted Tweets

More and more advertising money is shifting to social networks. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter offer various opportunities to advertise a company targeted to their audience.

promoted tweets

Twitter announced to start displaying promoted tweets in user streams. Twitter is also planning to release a self-service platform later this year. Facebook and LinkedIn already have self-service platforms where business can showcase their brand message, products and services.

Pros of paid advertising

Paid advertising allows you to place your ad there where your community is so that you reach this community instantly. You save time because you do not need to develop relationships and do interaction with people. But this will not instantly led your business to a loyal customer base.


  • Instantly visible: You are instantly visible as long as you want to be and with the keywords you have chosen.
  • Keywords control: you have your keywords under control and choose which to use and which not.
  • Flexible budget: You can start paid as with any budget.
  • Cheap: As it customizable you can choose how much and how long you want to spend.
  • Measurable results: You can track your spending and your results. Lead to customer quote, etc. and have a good picture of your returns.
  • Wide reach: you can instantly reach a wide user base of millions who are already looking for products and services you also have to offer.
  • Quick: You can set up a paid ads campaign very quick.
  • Target your location: When you are a local business it makes more sense to target your local area. With paid ads you are in full control that should see your advertisement.
  • Time frame: You can set the start and the end of any campaign. You are not obligated on long term agreements.
  • Mobile: As more people are on their favorite social networks though their mobile devices, you can also reach them through paid ads.


Cons of paid advertising

As you have no relationship with your audience in these communities where you place your ads, it can become difficult to attract them to your business even if your ads are fancy. Only a good relationship to your target audience leads you to a loyal customer base in the long term.


  • You can’t buy authority: Even ifyou have a high ad budget; you do not have the relationship and authority to your audience.
  • You can’t buy credibility: Through paid ads you get seen but when they visit your website. What will they find? Is there anything what can increase trust and credibility?
  • Paid traffic costs money: As long as you want results out of paid traffic you need to do paid advertising. In the moment you stop, your constant stream of leads will stop instantly as it has begun!
  • Keywords battles: As you are not the only person who understands the opportunities of paid ads, others will also try to get the most popular keywords. A keywords battle begins and prices for those keywords increase massively! So a single click to your website can cost you a large sum of money! And there is no guarantee that this click will convert into a lead or in a paying customer!
  • Brand recognition: As you buy your audiences attention through paid ads you can imagine they will not be very willing to listen to what you have to say. This could let you look like a lazy and budget oriented company without a personal face. So your brand could suffer!

Marketing Takeaway Tipp: Paid ads on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter offer various opportunities to advertise a company targeted to their audience. Paid ads should be used in a context of a clear marketing strategy which includes blogging, social media and social web marketing, premium content creation and real time marketing and PR. Only than paid advertising can serve you as a valuable source of new business leads an customers!

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