The sense and nonsense of Social Media Groups

social media groupsGroups can be a great place to get In touch with your audience. But which groups make sense and which are a simple waste of time?

Most social networks offer groups where you can become a part of the conversation. But do you need to be a part of every conversation and every group?

Today I got some updates from my LinkedIn Groups I am participating and one group is about venture capital.

Especially in venture capital groups are many people who offer financing and in the past I often have posted the question “does anybody get any investment for their business” there?

The people who answered stated that they even did not get any response from those “Business Angels” when trying to reach them. Seems not to be a vlauble source for anything.

How do you find Social Media Groups which are usable for your business?

First of all, potential clients can be everywhere! And the best way to attract attention for your business is to be part of the conversation and to publish share worthy content!

Take your time to go through potential Social Media Groups to find out which one offers the best interaction and in which one interesting conversations are happen.

If you are a member of a group where not much conversation is happen than look further and leave this group.

There is a simple rule: The more people are in a group and the more interaction is happen the better are your chances to participate and to get seen!

Check how many members are in a group. The more the better. Look out for groups of about 300+ participants.

Register with this group and listen to the conversation. If you have something valuable to contribute than do your statement.

If the group you are member of is not very active, than look out for more active groups, where you can increase your visibility and leave this one.

During the time you will learn which social media groups are valuable for your business and which are not. Simply invest your valuable time there where you get the most out of it.

What are your experiences with social media groups? How do you choose your groups?

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