The web marketing value of Facebook like Button

Profits of any company depends on how effectively their products are visible in Internet and how effective are their marketing strategies for getting targeted web traffic from search engines.

Social Media buttons like facebook, twitter and linkedIn have huge web marketing value and also play a major role in social media marketing.

Advantage of Social Media Buttons for sharing

There are different ways you can share your website or online blog articles with people online. Social Media buttons for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn have huge marketing value and your popularity increases when users started sharing your articles in these social media.

Businesses display the number of times articles in their blog are shared in major social media communities. More are the number of shares; more is the popularity of any site in Web.

How to add facebook Like Button for your blog or business

Facebook like button is one of the most powerful sharing social media button in Internet today. Most readers use this facebook like button to express their interest in particular information. Some best ways to market your products and website through facebook are given below.

Facebook Widgets

Now with lots of customized business and blogging tools available, your online blog can easily be integrated with facebook. If your business has a facebook fan page, then you can add widget of your facebook fan page to your blog. This is one of the efficient web marketing strategy to show your website popularity to readers of your blog.

Addthis and Share Buttons

You can even add Add this or Share buttons. These buttons helps in getting your website or business blog added in social media very easily.

Customized social media buttons

Customized Social Media buttons for major social media communities like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn brings more creativity for your blog posts. Customization like a Facebook Like Logo, numbers of shares adds more interactivity to the posts and readers can also identify the popularity of that particular blog.

Latest Facebook Applications

There are hundreds of facebook Applications developed in recent years. Use these latest applications to promote your business online.
Start sharing your blog posts with major social media communities and improve your web marketing strategies.


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  1. There is one tool that could get one a free seo analysis for any domain of interest or report back the number of indexed pages and backlinks.

    Could be also used to spy on one’s competitors traffic and make a comparison with own site.

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