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Three Reasons Why Page Speed Matters

Three Reasons Why Page Speed Matters

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Tips for Loading your website faster

Some of the tips to achieve better speed and performance for you site can includes, using add-ons like Firefox or firebug which not only maintains the page performance but also gives you the instructions on improving them further.

Also using Word press as the base is a wise option for you. Besides being able to load faster, they can be easily optimized by search engines. They are user friendly, easy to user and update. Using small sized pictures for your page background is another useful tip. Also note that if you are using videos on your website, try to make them small. Not in length but in size. If your website loading speed is troubling you consistently, you might be required to contact a new hosting provider for your domain up gradation. These days most of the sites are getting slow due to buggy scripts, or inappropriate database that’s getting overflow of the capacity of the shared hosting plan.

Too many plug-ins and outdated software might also be messing up your work. Although speed also plays an important role in search engine rankings, the main emphasis is still to be made on relevance as the basis for Search engine rankings. Speeding up your website only adds some percentage of search queries performed.

Therefore, creating valuable content is still important

Also it is important to note that better speed can cost you some money but according to Google you should go for it and also use some of the above mentioned tips as it can bring you more new and potential customers through your website redesign for speeding up your site. This can also affect you greatly in your website promotion and internet marketing, and also in lead generation campaigns because most of these potential customers may not wait for your good site when it loads slowly. However here are also some of the reasons about ‘why page speed matters”.

Google’s word

According to Google, in the past, pages were ranked in accordance with how the text information was found to be relevant. But now they changed their view about it. They say that the load time of the page plays the equal role in page ranking. That’s obvious to think of practically why anyone would like to open a page that takes a lot of time to load. Even a wait for 10 seconds for a site to open seems to be forever. And then you end up refreshing up your page out of your frustration. Google has added site speed to its page ranking algorithm. A faster loaded page is likely to be ranked higher than a similar page that takes more time to load.

User Experience

Obviously, it is the fact that more the time a website takes to respond to user’s clicks, less is the time user will spend there. Thus site speed is a major factor in defining user’s experience and is major concern for website developers. Users not only want most relevant information of best quality but also they want them as quickly as possible.

Reduction in operating costs

Examples have shown that speeding up a website increases page views that directly or indirectly reduces hardware requirements also and increases revenue. On the other hand, slow websites usually have less searches and long term effects. People often remembers those frustrating slow loading websites and are reluctant to open them even if the load times are sped up.

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