Top 5 Landing Page Tips For Your Website

inbound marketing, internet marketing, marketing consultants, online marketing, social media marketing, inblurbs.comLanding pages play a critical aspect for the growth of your online business. Success of your online business depends on these landing pages and new customers are targeted with creative strategies and promotions through these landing pages

Top 5 tips for building best landing page for business

1. Landing page should not contain too much information. The main focus should be in providing our product information, getting name and email address of the customer who was interested in our business. Hot keyword phrases in the body of these pages such as “limited time offer” or “free offer until” along with request of mail id for future correspondence will be the best thing to encourage your customers right away in these landing pages.

2. Information provided through these capture pages should be straight to the point, should provide solution for the customers who mostly comes for finding solutions or products and without any frills. Customer who visits your page should locate and find our product information easily without any fuss. The best way to do this is to highlight your products with bullet points.

3. Headline of your business landing page should capture the attention of the online customers. Mostly a strategic solution for their requirement in the heading would bring more audience to your landing page.

4. Forms in the landing page should be simple, should provide complete information about our product and request only information like name, email address, phone number and website address. It should be seen that html design of these forms are properly designed and visitors should be comfortable to fill these forms. Required information should only be limited otherwise the visitor leaves the page resulting in losing a valuable customer.

5. With rapid advancement in Internet business, now days landing pages have changed their shape and structure. People are interested in having audio and video when they visit these landing pages. Once the visitor completes the form, the best solution you can offer is a free eBook, discount coupon, a one time offer or a thank you page so that our landing page may become a tool for viral marketing. It is also wise to embed Auto responders so that a mail thanking can be send for thanking the customer and queries of the visitor can be resolved quickly.

Landing page is one thing which should be optimized and wisely used. Business online strongly depends on these factors for achieving huge profits and also building strong customer satisfaction for our business. 5 Tips for Healthy Landing pages Landing page optimization tips 5 easy tips to create landing pages that convert

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