Triple leads, double conversions with revamped web content

To get found and to get leads you need to have a website and structure made this way that your website becomes a “magnet like marketing hub” which pulls your visitors in and acts like a funnel for leads.

The most effective way to attract interested visitors is to publish interesting content through a corporate blog, social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

The more interesting and remarkable your published content is, the more it will be viewed and shared, which also increases your visibility. Also you need to do SEO for your content and include long tail keywords to take advantage of these niche keywords.

Studies show that companies who blog and publish their content through social media, get up to 55% more website traffic.

There is a strict correlation between published blog articles, Backlinks and traffic. Businesses which have 500+ blog articles published have a massive increase in traffic and Backlinks.

Also the published content can be reworked and re-published in document sharing sites like Here you can reach additional audience and attract them to your website or blog.

The more you publish the more people you will reach. Be creative by finding new ways to publish your content. Build as many outposts online as you can. Each article, blog comment and guest post is an additional chance to get found and to get leads!

Here are some potential outposts for you:

Your corporate blog

To get further creative ways to publish content online, just look what and how other industries do content publishing.

Your content is a trust builder and shows your competencies and build credibility with your audience. So your web content becomes your most valuable asset to triple leads and double conversions.

How do you pln to revamp your web content  to increase your lead rate? I am looking forward to your comments below!

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