What kind of content to produce to get found on Google

It’s no secret that the key to SEO success is quality content. A further important point of content creation is quantity.

Studies show that companies with 500+ blog articles get far more search engine attention and traffic than others with lesser articles and who even do not blog.

The more articles – content you have the more attention you will gain and also get more inbound links.

Companies that blog get up to 97% more inbound links! Inbound links are trustworthy online recommendation and can bring a lot of addition traffic to a business website.

Inbound links heve become some kind of new currency online, and the more relevant Backlinks you have the better are your chances to get found in the next search query on Google and your website could appear in the TOP search results!

Companies that blog get up to 57% more traffic to their websites. This sort of traffic is highly targeted and long living and brings quality leads in!

Write a large amount of original, interesting, helpful and remarkable content.

Now when you have done content you should promote this content and offer to your audience the opportunity to share your content on your blog.

How you can see, the most blogs have sharing buttons in place to make it easier for their audience to share the content with their friends, followers and colleagues.

Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing are indexing social media conversation like tweets, Facebook Likes, LinkedIn shares and so on! These actions are an indicator for them to learn about the content quality of your website. Also this conversation can appear in the next search query when somebody is looking for such keywords on Google, Yahoo or Bing and bring up your website on the TOP search engine search results!

How to get more clients and sales with social media marketing

If you want to increase your traffic and business lead, then you need to produce a massive amount of share worthy content which helps you to get found on Google and offers your audience to share your stuff to their network of friends, followers and business partners!

What are your experiences with conten creation and blogging? I am looking forward to your comments below.

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