What’s your Social Media ROI?

Do you measure your social media activities and whats the ROI?

More and more businesses worldwide and are validating
daily the business impact of social media in building brands.

How about your business? Is social media part of your marketing plan now? In 2011 social media will be in use of any smart entity!

More great data which show the ROI of social media is emerging daily and these data will encourage further companies to get started with social media as an important additional marketing channel to attract further customers to their businesses.

Also the people in charge for social media marketing within the companies will experience the need to showcase results, reports, data and ROI to their CEOs.

They will need to replace their buzzwords and hype with more exact results and reports.

Start your inbound marketing the proven and easy way!

Some proven facts about inbound marketing:

A. Saves you up to 60% of your marketing budgets.
B. Makes you stand out of your competition.
C. Generates you a massive amount of leads.
D. You get up to 55% higher lead conversion rates.

Some resources to shorten your learning curve:

A great way to sowcase your results to your CEO is the HubSpot Marketing Software Solution.

It’s simple. HubSpot:

  • helps you get found online by more qualified visitors.
  • shows you how to convert more visitors into leads.
  • gives you tools to close those leads efficiently.
  • provides analytics to help make smart marketing investments.

Watch this video: HubSpot Product Overview


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