When do you start your lead generation with inbound marketing?

Leads are very important for businesses to get new customers. But before you can get leads´ you need to get found.

78% of Internet users B2B and B2C conduct product research online.

How often do you think: “If I could be on the first page on Google, than I would get more traffic and leads.” And you are right!

To be on the first search results on Google would bring you traffic and leads. That’s a fact!

There is an easy way to get there, on the first search results on Google. You simply need to get an increasing amount of relevant Backlinks.

The easiest way to get a ton of Backlinks is to publish link worthy content online. Content where others websites and blogs want to link back. Because they like this content and think it is helpful for their audience.

With Inbound marketing you can achieve those goals to get found and to get leads to increase your business.

Inbound marketing is the marketing strategy that focuses on getting found by customers when they research online for products and services your business also has to offer.

With inbound marketing businesses earn their way to the customer, by publishing helpful information on a blog, in social media and forums.

Inbound marketing includes Blogging, Social Media, Lead Conversion, Lead Nurturing and Closed-Loop Analysis.


57% of businesses have acquired a customer through their company blog. Companies which blog get up to 97% more Inbound Links and 434% more indexed pages than companies who do not blog. The more articles you write the better.

Setup a corporate bog and start to create remarkable content with your blog! Go out and research relevant blogs where you can leave an educated comment. So you build additional Backlinks.

Social Media

67% of B2B companies and 41% of B2C companies have acquired a customer through Facebook. The number of marketers who say Facebook is “critical” or “important” to their business has increased 83% in just 2 years.

Register and complete your social media accounts and profiles in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and start to market your blog articles there. Grow your network and be a part of group discussions.

Lead Conversion / Lead Nurturing

Build landing pages to convert those generated traffic from social media and search engines with compelling offers and a clear call to action. Offer something of value in exchange for your leads email address and further information. Keep your forms short.

Start a lead nurturing process where you inform and educate your lead, don’t pitch them!

How do you do your lead generation? I am looking forward to your comments below!

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